12 August 2014 @ 12:34 am

[ OOC: This post is here to facilitate IC interaction between the organized groups in Asgard. Think of it as an in-character version of this plotting post. Please feel free to use this as much as you need!

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Huh? [You may not recognise this one teenager's voice by itself, but it would be hard to miss the distinct tinge of nervous suspicion.] All of a sudden... H-How should I know where your stuff is? ...I dunno, left on someone's rabbit? Under the bed?

[That's the entire recording. This isn't the best day he's ever had.]
29 January 2015 @ 01:16 pm
Is--mething ppening again? M--ight is acting ierd again. And there as the quakes. Everyone is okay, right?
25 January 2015 @ 01:50 am
[There is no voice immediately addressing the network when the feed comes on, nor does there seem to be anyone in the picture. All that fills the screen is a green mound, the centre of it moving in a steady rhythm for at least a full minute.

That is until a pale hand finally enters the screen and starts scratching at the fluff.]

If anyone happens to specialise in dealing with dogs, I would like to hear from you.

[Uh-oh, he's waking up—]

This one doesn't agree with me.

[The pup gives a small whine of a yawn, sleepily opening his eyes... Only to give a start when he realizes something is off.

Is that a collar?

He scrambles to his feet, struggling to get a look at this thing around his neck. When the hell did they--]


[Yup, this is a very unhappy puppy. Eyes wasn’t exaggerating.]

[Meanwhile, another hand comes out to pat the puppy on the head in amusement, belonging to the owner of the lap he’d been dozing on. Ayumu’s face can’t be seen at this angle, but his voice can be heard clearly, and he seems to catch onto Hizumi’s thoughts even in this furry form.]

I think it suits you. What do you think, Rutherford?

I think it would be better to ask every person we can.

[Judging by the way the dog snaps to attention right then, he’d have to disagree. He shifts to avoid Ayumu’s hand, clumsily stumbling off of Ayumu’s lap with a yelp. Damn it, how do you stay coordinated with four feet?]

Can you keep him from falling, Ayumu Narumi? No one can see him if he keeps falling over.

[And the last thing he wants to do is pay Hizumi's veterinary bills.]

Come here, Hizumi….

[Ayumu bends down, scooping up the ball of fluff that indeed, is the same color as his friend’s hair.]

[Hizumi gives a disgruntled growl as he is scooped up, wriggling in a weak attempt to escape. Why must you two torment him so? He’ll never live this down...!]

I wonder if I should get a leash…..

[That gets Hizumi to freeze on the spot. Oh god someone save him.]

(( OOC: red is Eyes, blue is Ayumu, Hizumi is the puppy. FREE FOR ALL!! ))
22 January 2015 @ 03:41 pm
abcdef dick whitman

hatchet voyage beautiful

god damn it

[ ooc: Tiny curse! His name'll still show up as Don Draper on the network, but he'll...have no idea who that is. ]
20 January 2015 @ 01:10 am
[ Toph's leaning back in her bed, resting on the pillow she's propped against the headboard. She's looking ... unimpressed. ]

Wow, you guys have gone reeeaaaally quiet all of a sudden. Except for depressing announcements about people disappearing. Try living in a Welcome Hall all by yourself! Now that's empty. But I'm not letting that get me down, so I thought I'd break the gloom.

I have someone to introduce to you!

[ There's a moment's pause, and then a lemur comes into view, wrapping around her neck and tilting its head at the screen, chirping. ]

This is Momo! Technically he's not mine, but for some reason I got him during this Christmas thing. He actually belongs to my friend Aang, so maybe they're just making up for the fact that I'm the only one from my world here or something.

Momo, this is everyone. Well, not right now, but I hope some will show up and say hi to you.

[ She puts a hand on Momo's head, scratching lightly. ]

But that's actually not the only thing I was gonna say.

There's probably gonna be some ultimate showdown soon, right? I may not look like it, but I'm actually pretty good at packing a punch, and I've seen that a bunch of people have offered to train others. I used to teach Aang back home, and I just realised how much I miss teaching!

[ Ordering people around. She means ordering people around. Even though she's smiling very innocently. Very innocently.

Or maybe there's a slight mischievous crease to her brow, if you squint. ]

There's not really any time to make any of you masters in martial arts if you aren't already, but if you'd like me to show you a thing or two, I'm bored.

Or we could just do some sparring. That'll work too!

Name's Toph. Let's blow some life back into this place.

[ She punches her own palm, before she cuts the feed. ]
18 January 2015 @ 05:15 pm
[Adachi's standing in an empty apartment when he starts the video, an empty look in his eyes. After a moment, he let out a sigh, glancing away.]

So... Harley's gone. Sorry to anyone that knew her, but it looks like people are starting to go back home now.

[There's a moment, before a bitter look finally comes to his face.]

...it figures.

[He cuts the video a moment later. If anyone wants to find him, he'll be at the Sky's Prize in Loki District. Because the best way to drown out his issues is to drive up his bar tab, obviously.]
17 January 2015 @ 05:47 pm
Natasha's gone.

( It's something that Maria had known for a few days but she'd wanted to check. Messages had come back but maybe the bracelet had gone. Deep down she'd known the truth from the start but she'd rather have really checked for her friend than to give up straight away. You don't just leave someone )

She didn't have much. Sorry if she was working on anything.

( Who knows? She certainly don't. She's also got some Natasha code to try and crack. Short and sweet, right? )

Does anyone know who had the bar?
28 December 2014 @ 06:01 pm
first of all: did anyone else have really weird dreams last night?
or really weird... dream, i guess
it felt like it went on forever :/

secondly: i want to introduce everyone to my grandpa!! he just arrived in the city and he will be my new roommate :D
now he is a little odd so i want everyone to be really nice to him
(and he is sort of old so his hearing is not always up to par, either, but he tries really hard)
but really he is the best grandpa in the world, lol

[ And Jade will just send over a few snapshots of a grown man who has clearly been taxidermied, mounted on a wooden base that keeps him upright. Most of Jade's dog Becquerel can be seen in the pictures, sleeping peacefully at his feet. ]

i am sure you guys will get along :p
21 December 2014 @ 06:37 pm
[Altaïr is dressed in normal, 'modern' clothes when he appears, making a rare occasion of addressing his fellow Travelers directly. Because he isn't wearing a hood, it's that much easier to see the annoyed and slightly perplexed expression on his face.]

I would like to know what this is doing here.

[At that, the view tilts to show this statue from the mid-chest up.

It's actually a fairly good likeness.]

Is this a joke?

[No one said gifts from home had to be from the time Travelers came from.]
12 December 2014 @ 12:02 am
[Where else was Samantha ever present in these things than when she was in her lab? It would have been a rare sight to see her anywhere else on the network. Something was bubbling in the background and an old, weathered stone statue stood in the corner looking stolid.

She grunted and looked down at some notes before glancing at the feed.]

It's been a few weeks. There's going to be a reprisal. Either from what's left of her forces if they can muster it, or Surt's going to come after us. His lot's been itching for a fight.

So, I guess the cat's a little 'out of the bag' now about some of the things I've been up to. Good. [She coughed once.] If anyone needs me for that sort of thing, give me a call, but in the meantime, I'm just going to be an eternal kill joy and get right back to work.

Poultices still need to be made. We've got supplies ready, but just in case he comes to Asgard itself, I want a plan of action. If the fight's here, we don't need to split our healer teams up like we did last month. I'm open to working with anyone who feels up to defending folks that isn't in the military in helping make sure the medics stay safe during a fight. If they go down, we could end up sunk.

So, right then. Give me a call if you want in on the fun. [Yeah, someone thought of potions as fun. She really needed to get out more.]
10 December 2014 @ 02:32 pm
If you could take anything... well... any one thing from here back home... something that isn't a memory or a person. What would you bring back home with you? If you would bring back anything at all, I suppose.

I've just been thinking, now with Thiazi... gone [She doesn't really want to say dead.] that things feel like we're far more likely to be getting close to the end of things. It's a terribly serious thing to talk about, which is why I suppose such a serious question...

[She tries to brighten herself up, offering a smile, though it is half-hearted.]

It doesn't have to be, though! I'm sure... well, perhaps it's best to think of something fun and lovely instead.

It is winter again. We had the wonderful festival last time. Perhaps we should do something smaller but something like it? [She wasn't sure that anyone would be in such a mood for a thing, but maybe so?]
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07 December 2014 @ 11:22 pm
[ A pale woman, tall, and very ghostly looking in her usual garb of celtic pelpos and tunic with her spear and on her side, her short sword. ]

Rhongomyniad, my faithful spear. I forged this spear on my own a few years ago. It's base made of cold iron and the spear head sharper than a normal spear. My people have fought with these things for centuries.

[ She's had this thing for a while, she's always with it. And ever so nonchalantly, she spins it in her left hand. ]

I've gotten used to the weight of it, for what it would be for a normal human to have. But that doesn't matter that more, does it? I suppose I can be generous! After all, what's another war, I'll be thrown back into another war after this. And I normally don't humor humans.

So, then... I offer some of my most skilled services. I was taught combat in my early teens as means to defend myself. There's plenty of young ones here to learn from an early age so that they survive. As well as my knowledge of herbal healing and magic. I'll be doing my part to please my own gods, I'm sure.

But if anyone should humor me, keep in mind I am not a very kindly person. I don't coddle, not unless the mood strikes me.

If not, then... well. Asgard has kept me in check, if I was at my normal stature, things would be very different.
06 December 2014 @ 08:41 pm
[Castle is restless. And kind of depressed because he noticed recently that Hawkeye is gone. He didn't know why the gods didn't see fit to have a war doctor stick around until the end of the war, but he guesses that would make too much sense. He needs to do something fun, and with that in mind he comes to the network.]

Hey. So I've been thinking. We've got kind of a break in the fighting right now. What say we organize a game or something?

[It'll help boost morale and hopefully get everyone's mind off the war for a bit. Lord knows they can all use it.]

My personal favorite is laser tag, though I'm kind of aware that's not really an option at the moment, supplies being what they are. But I would love to hear your suggestions.
01 December 2014 @ 05:52 pm
[Today Riley can be found hanging out in the back of Needle in a Haystack. She's sitting on top of a pile of boxes, leaning back on one hand as she smiles at the recording she's making. Today she's feeling pretty good about things. Especially about the thing she wants to ask about.]

Okay so people in the past of my world used to celebrate birthdays a lot. They apparently had parties and all that to go "whoo hoo! I lived to see another year!" Now, where I'm from we've pretty much lost that because, well, reasons.

[She shrugs like "Apocalypse. What are you gonna do?"]

But here's a question for all of you. How do you celebrate your birthdays? Parties? Presents? Food? Nothing? I wanna know because I want to know all that stuff that I've been missing out on all these years because like hell was anyone going to be celebrating the grand existence of me. Even if they totally should have.

[That makes her laugh a little.]

Tell me about your birthday stuff. It's time to share again!
30 November 2014 @ 01:19 am
It seems I missed quite a bit of excitement in my absence. The city is certainly a much brighter place now, so I trust that everything went well in the fighting.

Regardless, I think I am returned for the foreseeable future now. If there are those who wish to regale tales of the battlefield I would be glad to hear of them, someone should write an account down and I would not mind the work.

[Ignoring the fact that he's now technically dead? Of course Giovanni is. He doesn't want to bring the mood down after all.]
29 November 2014 @ 10:21 am
[There's no repairing his arm, he finds out once he gets back, not without some help. There's frost covering the outer casing already, and it hangs at his side, a dead weight that can't be moved. Either he removes it--which is going to be painful and not at all easy, and not going to help at all--or he asks for help on the network, because he doesn't really know that many people with the necessary skills.

It takes him a while to do it, but sometime after lunch, this pops up on the network:]

does anyone here know anything about repairing advanced tech when it breaks [ie, his frost-covered left arm] barring that, can someone who can draw things and have them come to life help, I just need a few things drawn for me
27 November 2014 @ 10:00 pm
We keep losing people. We did well against Thiazi but people still died, or have disappeared at some point.

( And that's sad. Sometimes they get mentioned publicly but not always. Sometimes it hurts too much )

They should be remembered. Everyone that's been here has helped us somehow to get ready for this war or has been in it. We should thank them, and hope that they're okay back home.

( She knows from talking to some that not everyone will be but hope and remembering a friend is nice )

Maybe the park? If someone could draw up candles or people just got together it would be nice. You could talk about them or just leave their name somewhere. Tomorrow, before curfew.

I'll be there early to wait.
26 November 2014 @ 06:39 am
[Considering the past few days events and his recent difficulty sleeping, it's no surprise that Ayumu would gravitate towards the Draupnir theater and it's practice rooms early in the day. Fee or not, some time with a piano was a balm to his mind, and he spends a few hours simply playing behind closed doors by himself, sorting through his thoughts about everything that had happened as of late. He’d felt almost helpless out there, and watching two people he cared about die before his eyes certainly hadn't helped that feeling at all.

He needed to do something.

This war wasn't over yet, and he needed to learn new skills to make up for any possible surprises it might have in store. Even the littlest bit, maybe, could help…. At least, he hoped so.

Later, when he’s finally finished at the theater, he taps out a message on his bracelet.]

Would anyone be willing to teach me emergency first aid? Or anything else similar that might help. I have healing magic thanks to my house, but it's not as useful as it could be.

[As the recent battle in Thrymhiem had shown.]
25 November 2014 @ 02:49 pm
Lee's stuff is gone. I can't find him. I just figured I should let people know in case they had any plans with him.

[It's not that she wants pity. She just wants to let people know so they are aware in case they had any arrangements with him. Though of course Clementine isn't taking this well. Knowing what he has to go home to. It hurts. More than when Jack or any of the others she has known went home. Because he was the one familiar thing in all of this. Still, all she can do is keep going. Which is what she tells herself as she stands at the doorway of what was supposed to be his room. It doesn't help the guilt and pain of losing him once again, doesn't lessen it even as she knows she was lucky to get any time at all with him after what went down back home.]
24 November 2014 @ 06:30 pm
Umm... [Kevin rubs the back of his neck with his left hand. There's probably no way to make this whole thing easy. There's too many reasons why what he's hoping for might not work.] I know some people can draw some pretty awesome stuff and make it real. Do you think it'd work to draw a new arm? Not a real one, like a metal one but one that actually moves? And would anyone else know how to attach it?
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