[At the current moment, there is a great deal of smoke wafting from the kitchen of Freya house. The bracelet clicks on in time to show Asbel opening a window and waving his hand in front of his mouth, coughing.

He turns, returning to the counter to show a plate of rather burnt and blackened goop on a plate. Even the rice next to it looks burnt.

Frowning, Asbel scratches his head and addresses the video.]

I don't think curry is supposed to look like this, is it? [He coughs again.]

And I thought I had it too... [No body swap or anything, Asbel is just not a good cook. At all.]
26 July 2012 @ 11:12 pm
[It starts out audio, a young man's overly excited voice.]

Hey, this is like a phone, right? AH, it's working -- whoah, it's moving! It's really doing stuff! It's so cool! Wait, wait... It gets video, huh? Let me try...

[The video switches on after a moment -- and the user is as energetic in appearance as he is in sound. He throws his hands up in joyful triumph, jumping up and down a moment as if he's ready to burst with happiness.

The only thing off? He's kind of covered in mostly-dried blood. His face, his hair, and his abdomen look like he or someone near him must have lost enough blood to more than kill a man, but by his movements he seems just fine.]

COOOOOOL! SO COOL! God's really amazing after all! This must be a reward for putting on a good show, huh? A really awesome afterlife! So hey, if you guys got here by dying too, you should tell me how! There's probably a lot of different deaths in a place like this...

And, oh-- Mister, are you out there?
19 July 2012 @ 05:31 pm
[The video starts, and Korea grins and waves. He's clearly standing with the camera in a way to show off the clothes he'd won (in particular, this outfit). He grins and waves cheerfully to whoever may be watching.]

Hello, hello! I haven't met everyone, but my name is Korea and I've decided to make lots of new friends!! I mean, I have the old ones, but I want more for....certain top-secret reasons! Is there anyone who wants to be friends? [So direct!] I'd like all sorts!! Oh, but, especially girls! 
06 July 2012 @ 09:35 am
[ The video feed flickers on to show a flustered young lady, her cheeks blushing all too red that it's anyone's wonder if she's down with the flu/fever. She fidgets for a moment, seeming to take a while to compose herself, stifling a yawn. Then she smiles, a small shy one, her green eyes mildly confused and hesitant. ]

Ah... Hallo there. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Liechtenstein, or more formally, the Principality of Liechtenstein. [ Now that sounds slightly too formal even to her own ears. If possible, her ears redden even further. ] Urm, just... Liechtenstein will do.

[ She fumbles briefly with the bracelet, trying to keep the view above her shoulders, as if embarrassed to show what's below. She clears her throat, pulling herself together even as she tries to still her wildly beating heartbeat. ] This might seem like a strange question, but if anyone has seen my brother, could you let me know? His name is Switzerland, and— [ At this point, she can't help giggling softly, before quickly catching herself. ] —he tends to carry a rifle around.

[ A small nod of her head in reminiscent of a curtsy. ] Thank you.
03 July 2012 @ 09:34 pm
[ OH NO. If you're up at seven in the morning, you'll catch Taiwan immediately walking out of Loki's welcome hall to Freya's wearing a huge shirt that obviously isn't hers. Why? Totally worksafe reasons are why. YOU CAN ASK HER ABOUT THEM, THOUGH. Later on, she'll be asking this question to the network: ]

Is it normal to sleep with your best friend? I dunno, I mean, it's okay if you do it sometimes when he's lonely, right? We've known each other for ages, so I think that makes it more okay. Though I think he probably didn't need me when the dragons on his boxers were so shiny! [ ...Why is her phrasing so bad... ]

Oh, what about taking baths with him? Is that normal, too? And holding hands? And eating food from the same plate? [ Now she just looks worse. ]

What do you guys do with your best friends?

(ooc: sleeping soon, so tags in the morning!)
29 June 2012 @ 11:13 am
[ Hellloooo, Asgard! This is one of your local weirdos on the network today! She has a question... It is serious and important out of everything in the world--okay, not really! But she thinks it's important. ]

Do you guys like dramaaas? Like Asian dramas? Or like Spanish novelas? Though I think it would be difficult to display an evil twin in the use of shadows... [ Stroking her chin. ]

What about action? Action-oriented stories are pretty cool, too! It's fast and furious--everyone likes an adrenaline rush, right? [ Hehehehe. She's trying to imagine things like a racecar movie. It's pretty cool. Moving on! ]

Sooo What I'm trying to ask is... What kind stories do you guys like, huh? I really can't decide! That, or I have no idea what I should do. [ It sounds vague only because she assumes everyone knows what she's planning on doing. Or she thought she told them. Either way, it's weird. ]

... If I can't decide anytime soon, I might as well make it an Asgardian satire.


Oh, yeah. What kind of birthday gift would you give a boy that is like... Thirteen? Fourteen? Around there. I just needed some ideas here!

I was going to see if I could get him a pony, but apparently that isn't a thing anymore. [ No, don't judge that when she was young she wanted a pony. Also if you say porn, she will kill you. ]
14 June 2012 @ 11:20 pm
There! Ah - no, it's okay, piggy - um!

[ Taiwan tucks her hair behind her ears and sits up straight. Judging from the background of the feed, she appears to be somewhere in the Sigyn district, not so far from the water - and drenched. Man, she shouldn't have worn than sundress. ]

Weiii! Ah, today's a nice day for a swim, isn't it? Ahahaha... Anyway! I was wondering if anyone has some towels to spare? Piggy and I are wet. [ Taiwan lifts a baby mini pig up for everyone to see. She has a spot on her right eye and she should appear less pink because of Asgard's color problem but I just grabbed the first pic I found okay. Where did Taiwan get the pig? You'll probably have to ask. ]

Aiyo, piggy doesn't even have a name yet, so I need some suggestions, too, you know. Is anyone good with names? She's a girl! I think.

[ While saying this, aforementioned mini pig is trying to get back in the water in the background. Her grunting noises don't go unnoticed, and Taiwan goes over to pick her up. ]

Piiiiiggy, you know the water's too deep for you!

[ After she gets some towels, anyone in the Sigyn district can find them on their way back to the Freya welcome hall, with Taiwan's new pet wrapped and carried like a newborn baby in her arms. Feel free to contact them before or after they get help. ]
13 June 2012 @ 03:56 pm
Uwah, such an efficient design...

[The video turns on to what looks to be a young Japanese man with his arms stretched in front of him. In person he's actually stretching the screen, testing out all of the functions he can manage. Moving it around, keeping it still and stepping back... At that point he seems satisfied and recalls that he is actually broadcasting right now (apparently) and so focuses, giving a small bow of his head.]

Ah, hello. It seems I was greeted by someone who very much resembled a nopperabo, and then told many things that I believe are far too much to process at once. [A brief pause here.

Yeah he's not sure what to make of this so he's just going to... bring a hand to the side of his face, tapping nervously.]
Is this true?

I was told I was given a power, but I am not sure if it is one I would like to 'test' so simply... Ah, but that aside, I would very much like to meet any others who find themselves in this same position. Thank you very much. [And he ends that overly formal message and turns off the video!]
07 June 2012 @ 11:49 pm
[ The video shows a young man, presumably in his late teens, although he's actually a lot older.  His expression is almost impossible to read and he's not letting on that he's at all worried or baffled at having just woken up in a completely new world... Maybe it just hasn't completely sunk in yet. Or maybe that's just Hong Kong's way of dealing with most things.

When he starts to speak his voice is as calm as his expression. ]


[ It takes him a moment or two to say anything else, as if it requires far too much effort, but he carries on regardless. ]

So I like, just woke up and there's some strange woman standing there, in this random room and she kind of didn't have a face. Sort of like the Slenderman, but without being creepy. She said something about Loki and a Welcome Hall and apparently that I can read minds and stuff now.

Oh yeah and she gave me a letter. "The fate of all existence rests within your capable hands."... That's kind of heavy stuff when you've only just woken up, y'know? [ Obviously he was taking a nap between video games and eating or something before he arrived. He angles the view of the lense to pick up what's behind him and then aims it back at himself. ]

...I'm totally not eating an entire bag of Sugus candy before I sleep again.