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video • one • day 321

[ There are very few things that Rose thinks will ever surprise her anymore. She feels so utterly world weary, tired of the struggle to put things back on track. But leave it to the multiverses to throw her for a loop again.

Asgard. This was Asgard. The bracelet was on her wrist, pink hued stone embedded just as it had been last time. How long had it been? Gods, she felt as if she'd just nipped off for a snooze, and woken up out of a deadsleep. No new memories of back home, as far as she could glean. Nothing. So why had she left? Had she left? --Yes, evidently. A quick glance at the most recent posts upon the Network showed that no, it was not the same day she had last recalled. Time had definitely passed. And if that were the case- she could think of a few people who might just have been a bit up in arms about it.

She prayed to no one in particular, that everyone was still here. ]

So I think I knocked out for a while... And I'm guessin' it was more than a few hours.
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[And here comes a more rational, less "hyperactive chihuahua" response from a Doctor.

He gives her a little smile. Nine will be so pleased. Of course, he's happy to see her as well, but it's not his place. Okay, so this is a little bittersweet, but the hell if he'll say anything of the sort. Not anymore.]

Good to have you back.
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You've been gone two weeks, I'm afraid.

[And oh the things that have happened in those two weeks.]

I think Nine has gone off on his own for a bit, but I'm sure if he gets word you're back, he'll come running back in no time.

Oh you can tell...Ten is here.

[This is going to get messy soon, isn't it?]
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Oh, good.

[Eight knows better. Or, well, he knows himself. The Doctor likes to be the center of attention, and doesn't like to share attention, even -- or perhaps especially -- with himself.

And then she asks the question and he almost bursts out into bitter laughter, but he holds himself in and lets out only a small, sullen snort.]

I'm alive. Well, now I'm alive. It's been an eventful few weeks. I died, then I lost Charley, then I found out some lovely information about my future and the fact that I'd been lied to in order to protect me.

All-in-all, you probably should be glad you weren't around to have to deal with me.
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[He blinks because that wasn't at all expected, and then a little chuckle escapes him when he remembers the last time he took her for coffee when she was stone drunk.

And yet...]

Aren't you going to be a bit busy?
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No, no, I actually have a job now. I'll pay.

Alright, which one are you at? I'll be on my way.
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Well, we are working on getting a second house for the rest of us, and I needed a job for that.

[He huffs. Having a job is not exactly what he wants to do, either.]

I work in the Library. Not that surprising, I suppose.

I'll be there soon.

[And so he was, looking a hell of a lot more haggard and just...flat worn out than he had when she left. He gives her a little smile, tucking his hands in his pockets.]

Hello. It's good to have you back.
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Well, no, we didn't quite have enough people for a second house, so I've been living in the Welcome Hall still. The rest just moved in, oh...a couple of days ago?

He takes her hand, expecting to play the gallant and kiss the back of her hand, but instead he finds himself suddenly enveloped with a hug. Eight lets out a small "oof" of surprise before returning the embrace, hugging her tightly.]

It's good to see you.
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Trust me, we all missed you as well. Nine especially of course.

[The man was a mess, frankly, but Eight wasn't going to expand on that too much. He knew companions; they tended to be people who blamed themselves for others' pain. Much like him in a way.

He sighs contentedly at her hand on the back of his head, and at the soothing feel of her Charm going to work. But, before he found himself not wanting to let go, he...let her go, smiling a little down at her.]

But you're here now, and everything will be better.

[Well, most everything.]
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[He's perfectly content to bask in the warmth of her power.]

So am I. I needed so much more time for everything I messed up in our relationship. And when I end up going home, she'll be gone.

And, from what I've learned recently, I'll be going home to war.

[He sighs.]

It makes me wish she was still here all the more.
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[Eight grasps her hand in both of his and lifts it, resting his chin on the clasped hands with a small, sad smile.]

Maybe. Or maybe I had my chance and I wasted it by stupidly getting myself killed and trapped in the castle for a while.

Well...nothing to do about it now.

[To be honest, it wasn't much of a consolation. Not for this him, at least. This incarnation of the Doctor is fairly sure he'll spend the rest of his "life" on his own. He isn't quite sure that really is a bad thing.]

I'm happy for him. I'm glad he'll have someone to bring him out of it.
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I'm sure she would!

[He settles obediently onto the sofa and chuckles quietly to himself. Companions are always good for gathering up a wayward Time Lord and doting on them.]

Charley is...phenomenal. Did you know she was already on an adventure of her own when I met her? She'd stowed away on an airship in 1930. Eighteen years old, and already she was stowing away so she could make it to Singapore Harbor by New Year. Just to prove to a boy who laughed at her that she could do it. Amazing, isn't it?

[His eyes light up a bit when he remembers that day, ignoring the parts where he had changed a fixed point in time to save her and all the hell that went with it.]

And she loved me, even when I gave her every reason to hate me. Even when I was afraid and threw her love back in her face, she stayed true.

[No, he is not proud of himself for what he did.]

Yes, I know we're the same man. Still, it does seem a bit...cut off from me. There's that chasm of war and genocide I have to go over before I can be him. It seems like more than a lifetime away.
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I don't know why that is, but thank you.

[He isn't even sure why he'd want anyone to, really. It always goes badly for them both. For that matter, he isn't even sure why he wanted them to. Perhaps at some point, everyone needs to be loved, no matter how much of a bad idea they think it is.]

I admit, it is at least comforting to see all of you, and my future. I at least know I go on. And saving lives is all I ever want to do.
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[He chuckles and briefly reaches a hand up to touch her cheek with his fingertips.]

I suppose it must be. For you, it must be interesting to see how your Doctor was before you met. Very...educational.

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