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☄ 2nd Landing || Video

[See the woman. See the naked woman clutching a darkened version of this to her chest. The video looks like it's taken outside the castle if the background is anything to go by and from a low point of view, considering she's sitting on the ground. She doesn't seem to care that she's naked but luckily (or perhaps unluckily) the architectural reconfiguration circuit gives her some sense of privacy, as does the piece of what looks like scrap metal that's laying across her lap.]

[Confused and frowning, the TARDIS is certainly unhappy at this particular moment. Her tone is a bit snippy, verging on the edge of something worse.]

That was...I am. [p a u s e] I've returned. And I'm lacking in clothing. That's a thing most of you humans disapprove of, isn't it? Could someone bring me something to wear? I'd rather not distress those who'd be offended by my naked vessel. Even a bedsheet would do.

Doctors, dear, are you still here? I'd hate to have returned only for you to have run off on me. Are the rest of you strays still living in that house in Odin? It was getting a bit crowded last I was there.

[She shifts, not once loosening her grip on the strange orb.]

I'd be grateful if someone could fill me in on what I've missed since I left. It's been a while. A lot of things can happen.

[A small huff.] Hello again, Asgard and its temporary people. I'm... [What does she go with? Last time Eleven was flaily when she introduced herself as Sexy.] ...the TARDIS, that's what you can call me.
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[Strangely that noise seems to also be coming from wherever Eight is as well, and he appears on the screen looking rather bleary eyed and off-kilter. he slurring?]

TARDIS! Wait, no. Wasn't I told to call you something else?

Sssexy. Sexy. Right. Still ssomething of an odd thing to call you. I feel like a construction worker.

[Then he notices the nakedness and his eyes widen a little.]

Ah, well. I have a coat you can borrow, if you come to the Roadhouse. I don't think it's safe to leave this stool at the moment, I'm afraid.
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I've...lost count, really.

Curly? [For a moment his head turns to look around the room he's in. Nope. There's Six still sloshed on his bar stool. That must mean, uh...oh, yes. River. Eleven's wife. Oh, damn.]

Oh. Is River coming with you?


I dunno. Sexy seems so [He's the Doctor. Like hell he's going to lose his vocabulary as well as his balance.]

Not very gallant. I like TARDIS. It's you. Or old girl, if I'm feeling extra affectionate.

[He rattles off some numbers which likely only she would understand. Then, he "sobers" a bit in expression, even if he's not quite sober in body at the moment.]

You came at just the right time, old girl. Really. Thought I'd warn you, though...Nine is here and he needs you. Well, we all need you, but...just hurry.
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Well, she might want to join us when she gets the news anyway. And Amy's here. Besides, I think we could all use a group drink. [That doesn't sound right, but he plows ahead anyway.]

No, really, she belongs with us at a time like this.

[He lifts a glass of...something (it's no longer wine at this point in the night) to his lips and takes a drink.]

It's really good to see you, you know.
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I dunno. I didn't have time to ask her. And then...I forgot, I'm 'fraid.

[Translation: he got too plowed to remember. Same thing.]

Look after us? We're com...pletely well-behaved. I think.
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[He grins a bit and nods, his eyes taking a moment to re-focus again.]

That's true, my dear. Very, verrry true.
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You don't ssshay! Fas-fas...[a grunt of frustration] fasc-in-a-ting!
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I sshould, but... 'm not in the mood.

[Still, he grudgingly sets the glass down, for a moment at least.]
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[He gives a weak chuckle.]

Yes, dear.
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Oh! Yesh, there was...Jamie -- wait, no, you were shtill here then, nevermind -- oh, an' Nine, Mel an' Martha. Hadn't met Martha b'fore. Sshe's nice.

Mel an' Martha aren't in the bar, though. They're th' shmartest of us all.
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They could, yeah. I don' blame them for wanting t'be alone tonight, though. It's been a rough couple of days, what' deaths.

[He's trashed, but he's not quite up to delivering the news again, especially not to the TARDIS. He doesn't want to cause her pain, like he had to do for Six and Amy.]
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I hope so. Somethin'...doesn't seem right. Not that I know how it should seem, but I have a bad feelin'.
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[He takes a moment to get his mouth in check so he can stop slurring for a moment. This is really serious.]

I hope so, because if not... I don't know if I can hold myself together, let alone Nine, Amy and the others.

[Not after what he had recently experienced with Tamsin, Lucie and Alex. He was not going to be able to be the strong one if Eleven and Rose stayed dead.]
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You always arrive where an' when you're needed. Even here.

[Her appearance really is a weight off his shoulders, because with Six's poor social skills and Nine falling to pieces, he was going to force himself to be the strong one. That would not have worked out. At all.]


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