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oo1 (a n o n text) ♚ incy wincy spider climbed up the water spout

Picture the scene: Incy Wincy's just climbed the water spout

only to find the sky's grey with a chance of severe flood warnings, wide-spread sunny spells and the occasional flurry of snow

how does Incy feel?

is he angry?

is he wondering if the weatherman actually bothered to study meteorology before hopping up onto the television screen?

Here's the kicker: yesterday he heard the sky went black at night. It was dark when he started his climb, so why's it day now?

How about you. How do you feel?

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It's a spider.
Spiders can't think.

But as for your final question, I'm feeling a bit bored-though obviously, not as bored as others.
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This coming from the person talking about Earth children's rhymes? Unsurprisingly, I'm not offended.
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None off the top of my head. It's hard to find things to rhyme with "Trion."
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As in "try." "Try-on."
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I don't have an ear for poetry but I'll gladly be your soundboard if needed, spider anon.
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To make a long story short, it's where I'm from.
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Planet name and species. And honestly, we just call ourselves Trions.
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Literature wasn't exactly my planet's strongest suit.
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