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001 | [Video]

[The opening of the video makes it plainly apparent that it isn’t entirely intended, but the man onscreen recovers quickly. There passes only a moment’s surprise – eyebrows quirked, thoroughly unamused – before Sherlock’s expression settles and his eyes roam across the interface. Not ideal, showing his face like this. Not at all ideal, but whoever has him now obviously already knows it. Whoever brought him here, put this bracelet on his wrist, and there are so many reasons he should cut the feed now, so very many reasons, but it would be pointless, wouldn’t it? They know he’s alive. That means he hasn’t much time, not much at all. And so instead of ending it, instead of cutting the feed now, he speaks.]

Lovely jewelry, very clever, but not quite enough to buy me, I’m afraid. Maybe later. Things to do. Perhaps, instead, you could tell me where the bloody hell I am and how not to be here anymore.
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How to not be here is a work in progress, I'm afraid. I'm no more pleased about being caged here than you are, but I've found through personal experience that raging at the situation doesn't help get us out any faster.
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Re: [Video]

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[Eyebrow fully raised. Mmmmhmmm. Sure.]

Riiight. Sarcasm is a good cover. I've used it before myself from time to time.

[A grin. Two can play at this game.]
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Re: [Video]

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Still, there's really no point. I've learned that much already, and I just got here as well.

The jewelry isn't a payoff, by the way. It's a communication device, as you obviously have figured out. That's all it is.

There was a guide, you know. A crude and childish one, I admit, but it does answer some of your questions.