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[Did you miss this friendly face? Even if you didn't, here is Brittany with her bright smile and eager attitude.]

You may not know this, but I'm an international star. My web show "Fondue for Two" had viewers in Thailand. Lord Tubbington stopped answering my fan mail for me, though, so I think they are mad at me.

[She smiles and picks up her pad of paper to start taking down your names.]

I think that I can go Mult-Versal though, now that I'm here, with my fanbase - I just need a really good guest. So, I'm taking offers to be my first guest on the show.

You have to be talented.

Or pretty.

Or interesting. [Brittany pauses... thinking about it.]

Or give me a fondue pot. Because, [She sounds a bit sad about this...] I didn't win enough of those ribbons and so now they're just in my room here. I tried really hard, but that one God just gave me ice cream when my answer was really the right one.

I'm not blaming anyone... but it's his fault.

[She looks sad, but she'll smile again - a bit forced.]

I am just looking for guests though and it's a really prestigious thing to be a guest on my show. I've been told it's an execrable experience which - it starts with EX same as exciting and extra and other good words.

I don't know what it means, but I'm sure it's fine.
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I won one of those fondue pots. Care to use mine?
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[a pause, while he thinks, and then-]

You know what, why not. Give me something in return and I'll let you have it.
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But it's how trades work. I won't give something away to a practical stranger-I don't know you that well yet,
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In that case, I'm giving you an option.
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I'm sure you can find something somewhere. After all, this is a city.
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I never said I was nice. And if you get a job somewhere, then you can buy something.
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To earn money, obviously.
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Well I'm not going to give it to you. I don't know you that well.
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Keep my offer in mind, at least.