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tenth slay ❊ ⊰ voice ⊱ ❊ every single night the same arrangement

Anybody else ever wake up with a crazy headache and a whole yikesitude of shiny, new memories? 'Cause I just got mega-slammed with like a year and a half of my life. And I feel --... Different. I feel different. Stronger. And? Totally commandery. Army of Teenage Girls, ahoy.

Seriously, though -- do the Gods think it's funny to just randomly grasp at straws and shove stuff into our brains while we're sleeping? Thor, I'm talking to you. Is this your idea of fun?
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No, I can't say that such a thing has happened to me. Then again, I've never had the most reliable memory to begin with...
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[He gives her a wry grin.]

More like too many blows to the head, but yes.

I wasn't aware that such a thing was part of what happens around here. I thought we either go home or go grey.
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[He almost corrects her, then stops himself when he realizes it's as good a way of describing it as any.]

It is something of an occupational hazard. Sometimes it seems like it's a requirement that I get knocked out and dragged to a prison cell before I once again break out and save the day.

[He's so modest.]

That's odd. Then again, I suppose after two months I still don't know everything.

Did you...get anything interesting out of your dream?
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Well, who better to save all of existence than people who make it their jobs to save people?

[Eight chuckles just a bit at the 'blah blah blah'.]

Yes, Earth does seem to be a rather large magnet for all kinds of world-ending trouble.

Closure is always good, though. Burden...not so much.
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Hm, never been a fan of destiny. [Says the Time Lord who knows that there are points in time that can't be altered, and thus are technically "destined" to happen.]

Still, there's always that knowledge that, if not you, who else? I understand how lonely that can be, with or without the moping. I've found the self-loathing comes in waves. Or maybe that's just unique to my kind, where we have to go through these cycles in each incarnation. I honestly don't know.

[He looks quite impressed. Almost awestruck, even. Building or even leading an army isn't his strong suit, and that's with soldiers. So this woman taking a bunch of girls who'd never seen battle and turning them into an army is astonishing.]

That's incredible! And I take it you succeeded?
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[He nods, understanding. That bit about them dying in their teens does makes him frown.]

Teenagers? But...children are asked to fight and die for their world? And it isn't your choice? That's just--

[He can't think of a word big enough for how awful that is. At least he chose this life, as an adult, and he doesn't exactly die. Not like human girls with their all-to-brief lives.]

What? Of course I care! Your story is just as important as mine. Moreso, really, considering how utterly remarkable it is that you've survived and lived with all you've gone through. I'm a Time Lord. I have several lives to lose. There's only one you. Resurrected or not.

And...yes, I suppose you're right, but you've got to at least have hope that it worked.
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[He listens thoughtfully to her story, keeping the anger he has for whoever it was that set up this system to himself. Him raging about people who are probably long dead wouldn't do her any good.]

You are...quite a remarkable young woman, you know that?

[Her question gets a chuckle out of him. A sad one, but a chuckle nonetheless.]

Yes, it sounds like it, though you have that army of girls now, don't you?

And I'm afraid not. Regeneration is genetic. [He laughs a little.] No, I'm not an amoeba, or a worm. You don't cut me to pieces and make an army of me. We're all the same man, but not at the same time. When a Time Lord is mortally wounded, ill, or if our current body just gets too old, our cells renew themselves by changing completely.

A whole new body, a bit of an alteration in personality, but essentially the same man in here [He taps his head.] and in here [He then taps his chest twice, one on either side.]

[He grins at that turn of phrase.] Time always does.
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