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oo2 (video) ♚ evening of day 405

[ hello asgard hello, video coming your way, and there's a certain gent smiling quite serenely at all you wonderful individuals. he'll take a sip of tea before speaking, but then you get a lovely chirpy - ]

Evening Asgard. I didn't get a chance to introduce myself before all the mess these last few days but the name's Jim, and I'd like to cordially invite you to a little tea party at Baldr's Welcome Hall tomorrow, eleven through to whenever. Short notice I know, but feel free to drop in and wander off as you like. I'll keep the tea flowing and the snacks on the table. Who knows! Maybe I'll even do a little dusting, make sure the place is swept for cobwebs. [ there we are, the hook. who'll see? ] You know what they say about tea and solving problems. It'll be nice.

Any questions, drop me a line. Aside from that, I look forward to seeing you there~!

[ aaaand with that, Jimout ]

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[yeah, Turlough notices the phrasing of 'cobwebs' but isn't entirely sure if this is Incy-anon or not. Still, one way to test the waters.]

Any sort of rhyme or reason for the tea party, or is it simply because you can?

[he's not as subtle as he thinks.]
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[...yeah that link is too tenuous. but it's enough for Turlough to be a nosy little shit.]

Well, in that case Jim, count me in. I enjoy some tea every now and then.
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Oh, you certainly will. It's always nice to meet people here in person and put a name to the face.