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video; i am sorry everyone got dogs this year

[ Rory (well, more Rory's nose than anything) appears on the screen in a somewhat uncomfortable position. He has an enormous dog sprawled across his lap. Or is it a dog? It might very well be a lion. Will Graham's reaction will probably let us know. ]

I've always wanted a dog. Ever since I was a kid. We were actually planning on it before Amy left. I just--I'm not so sure she wanted this much dog.

[ He has to struggle to keep his head above the dog's back, so not to get a mouthful of fur when he speaks. He doesn't seem annoyed, though. In fact, he looks absolutely chuffed. The dog-lion doesn't seem to disappointed either. New pals. ]

The problem is--stop. Stop that. [ The dog is trying to lick the bracelet, which means Rory has to lift his wrist above his head, which means he sinks deeper into the sea of fur. Pardon him while he tries to straighten up. ] So the problem is, I was given the dog and nothing to actually care for her with. So maybe someone can let me know where to get some food. And toys. A lead. Oh! And a name, if you have any suggestions.

[ He makes to stop the feed, but he pauses. ] And, Doctor? I'm not naming her after you.
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[fun fact, apparently Turlough is a dog snob.]

Perhaps you can name your horse after a famous dog? You could name it Lassie.
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[nothing ever was and nothing ever will be.]

Your lion, then. Because that is too big to be a dog.
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I don't believe that!
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I still don't believe you. You're probably getting bears and dogs confused.
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[all his time on Earth was in an English public school Rory, what do you think.]

No. Why do you ask?
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It's brown and furry and probably has sharp teeth. Isn't that bear enough?
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Are you sure?

[Turlough, he's from Earth, DON'T BE AN IDIOT.]