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Well, it seems I've missed a few things! [ Charley is in her room in Hel's welcome hall, brushing her hair back and out of her face, smiling dryly at the camera. ] I hope nothing too horrid has happened to any of you while I've been gone.

If the Doctor - all of you, please - could get in touch with me, I would be most appreciative. [ She reaches up, like she's going to fiddle with a pendant that she's not actually wearing, then drops her hand to her lap. ] Please.
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[His face goes through a miriad of expressions in a single moment: shock, disbelief, joy...(maybe a tiny bit of awkward because, um...ahem), then momentary anger.]

I swear, if this is a trick of the gods...

[And then a bit of desperation.]

Is it really you?

[God, Eight, you're such a sap.]
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Ah...home, now. I just arrived. Had to stock the kitchen since we don't get the free Welcome Hall food anymore, and we'd run out of tea.

[Why are you babbling, man? Just tell her the address so she can get here as quickly as possible.]

We're in Thor District now, number 104. It's right across the street from the house with the TARDIS-painted doors. You can't miss it.
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[There's a small crash as the grocery bags go flying onto the counter, several thumps, and then the door flings open. Before she's got a chance to say anything, there's a smallish Doctor barreling at her, sweeping her up into his arms and carrying her into the house.

He kicks the door closed and leans the both of them up against the wall next to it, arms still tight around her and kissing her for all he's worth. After a moment, he lets her come up for air and rests his forehead against hers, his voice cracking just a bit as he speaks.]

I thought you were gone forever...
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[There's a moment when he realizes that he probably should have looked around to see if Clementine was home first before snogging a woman in the entry hall. Ah well, he'll get the hang of having a child at home again eventually.

Fingers thread gently through Charley's hair and he nods, sighing.]

I know, Charley, I know. The gods lost their hold on you for a while, that's all. I almost gave up on the idea of being happy here again.
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[Kisses. Yes, kisses are good.]

Mm, yes, yes it is...

[Oh. Wait, that's probably a hint isn't it?]

I mean, would you like to see the rest of it? It's a bit of a fixer-upper, but we're working on it.
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[He clears his throat and steps back, letting her go from the wall. Cheeky as ever, Charley. Just as he likes you.]

We're a large enough makeshift family now that we take up two houses! If we keep growing, we may need three soon.

[With a gesture towards the living room and a hand in hers, he begins the tour.]

In the other house, there's Six, Eleven, the TARDIS, Jamie, Clara, Rory, a lady Six has become quite attached to named Ril, and a little girl that Eleven and the TARDIS have adopted named Alice.

Here there's myself, Nine, Ten, Jack, Ianto, and a girl I've sort of taken under my wing, named Clementine. A very serious child for nine years old, but she's brilliant.
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[This is him complaining. No, look. That smile on his face is totally a grimace of annoyance. Really!]

Oh dear, how to describe Jack...

Well, he's a traveling companion from my future and is quite incorrigible. Offered to kiss me within the first five minutes of meeting me.

[He chuckles and shakes his head.]

Ianto is his partner. Nice fellow, rather quiet but kind. I admit I don't know either of them as much as I'd like. They went on a trip to Vanaheim after they arrived with the TARDIS and a few others and...things happened.

[And there it is. Even a brief hint of the horror of a week or so ago, and a shadow falls over his expression. Why did the gods have to leave his memory so clear? Sometimes he wish for one of his infamous amnesia spells.]
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[Oh good, a perfectly distracting topic!

He splutters and makes a face at her.]

I'll have you know I'm very good with children. It's...been a while since I raised a child, I admit, but I assure you I can take care of one perfectly well, thank you very much.

Besides, she looked like she could use a family. It has to be hard, being so young and all alone.
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[And Eight is more than just a bit red. It feels...really rather nice, actually. He could get used to this kind of life. Sure beats what he's going to go home to when he eventually goes.

When they pass by the kitchen, he glances at the chaos that are the shopping bags all over the counter. Woops.]

Care for a cuppa? As strange as it is being trapped in this world, at least they have decent tea.
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[Yep. Greeting Charley was higher on the list than being gentle with the groceries. Thank goodness there were no eggs.]

Well, alright.

[He digs through one of the bags and hands her a tin of tea, managing to sneak in another little kiss.]
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[He keeps his back turned, using the excuse of putting something in the cupboard to mask his grin.]

Really? You assume so, do you?

[Of course he does, but he can't resist teasing.]
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[He really tries -- and just barely succeeds -- to hide the strangled sound that almost came out of him. Oh, yes. Anything could happen in a Welcome Hall. Anything has happened there.

Choking down a little wave of awkwardness, he regains the teasing mood and turns to grin at her.]

Oh, well, I suppose we couldn't have that.
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[Yes, cups are a good idea.

He finally turns to her, but his gaze is shyly glued to the cups in his hands.]

There's room, though...I- I mean, if you'd like...

[Spit it out, man!]


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