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12th Triskele [Text]

The Lady Morgana has told me that there are festivals and celebrations where people like to dress as things they are not. 

But here we are already what we are not. There are people here who were not sorcerers in their worlds, but were given magic here. They will not keep this magic if they return to their worlds. There are also those of us who had magic in our worlds, and had it replaced with another kind when we were brought to this place. Already we are changed. We are different. 

So why celebrate being what we are not? I do not see why it is such a good thing. 
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It's not celebrating what we're not. It's celebrating something, and then dressing up as a side to it because it's fun.
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Like I said; it's fun.
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Why wouldn't it be? It's like playing pretend.
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I'm guessing you haven't grown up with it.
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I don't think that's exactly what the celebration is for. In fact, I'm not sure it's so much a celebration as a way to lift our spirits after recent events.

Surely that's a good thing, isn't it?
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Erm...a bit, yes, I think so.

It took my mind off things for a few days, at least.

[He frowns a little.]

Did you not enjoy yourself?
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Strangely? How so?
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[This is...disconcerting.]

Not really. It was simply a bit of fun. We grown ups rarely get to play like children do.

Haven't you ever played make believe?

[Even Time Lord children played.]
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[Eight frowns sympathetically.]

In some other way, then? Certainly you've played before. That's the best part of being a child.
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Oh, well that's something!

Just think of it as a different way of making adventures.
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[personal profile] beforethewar 2013-11-05 07:55 am (UTC)(link), but sometimes adults have very boring adventures.

Or maybe not. Sometimes simply meeting new people is a grand adventure.
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I find this festival very strange as well. I was told it is done for fun...
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Indeed... Did you attend to the celebration?
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I did was well, but I was only there shortly. It was strange... I did not recognize anyone.
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Did you meet with your friends eventually?
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Dressing up in costume's a bit different than actually becoming something new. Suppose it does seem a bit ridiculous, to someone that's never dressed up before. But really, it's just meant to offer a distraction, give people something light and simple to keep their spirits up.

[She smiles, because as much as she protested against dressing up in the first place, she did have a good time.]
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Is that what you prefer to cheer yourself up? Stories and games?

Think it's different for everyone. What works for one person wouldn't necessarily do the trick for everyone. That's the thing with distractions, they've got to be personal or they won't work.
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Oh, all sorts of things work at perking me up. Something as simple as amazing tea works sometimes. Others, stories are nice to hear. Traveling always does the trick these days, too. I'm not usually a fan of dressing in costume, but it wasn't all that bad. I even won the costume competition, so I suppose I have that going for me.

[She laughs at that, giving a shrug.]

If it's games and stories you like, though, I'm usually always available. If you ever find yourself in need of someone, that is.
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It's just to have fun and relax. Dressing up makes it even more fun for people because they normally wouldn't dress up like that otherwise.
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Yes. If we did it all the time it'd be less fun, right?
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You are going to go for a little bit, aren't you?