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003 - Video

[The feed starts out dark and shaky; it's hard to see anything beyond a pair of bloodshot, vivid blue eyes of the Eighth Doctor, looking terrified and guilt-striken.]

Nonononono. Stay away. I'll hurt you.

Oh, but no, you have to stop us. Keep us away from the children.

[A shaking hand, covered in layers of dried and fresh blood, rakes through his hair, streaking the curls in red.]

It's not us! I swear, we can't control it. I've tried. I'VE TRIED.

It's her! Thiazi--

[His expression freezes for a moment, then his eyes grow cold and a little malevolent grin plays at the corners of his mouth.]

--is always in control. Do give my regards to the Romanov woman.

Ta ta!

[The Doctor lets out a low chuckle, lifts the stained sword in his free hand, and the feed shuts off.]
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[ No. No no no, what the fuck is-- Thiazi. She's done it, she's got them and- ]

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... [ Well. This is a surprising turn of events. Buffy is immediately bothered. She sets her jaw. ]

Doctor. This isn't you.
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Oh, for fuck's sake.
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[Not here, but in the Who house if anyone would like to bump into him?]

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[ Damn it.

Of course. Of course. Can't just target one of them, but at least two, one way or another.

He grinds his teeth together, clenches his hands, and whips around to leave his room and march down the stairs to the kitchen. There, he starts looking through the drawers for a good knife. ]
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It seems you haven't tried hard enough, old chap.
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The hell're you talking about? Where's Nat?

[Oh, this is gonna go so bad. Dean's already supremely pissed off at just the idea.]

Listen to me you sick sonuvabitch. Thiazi or not I will stab you in the frigging face if you hurt her.
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[What. Romanov... unless there were other ex-commie spies running around the city, that could only be one person.]

You know, I'm beginning to see the purpose in forming an angry mob. Turn yourself in, or you'll wish I just brought a torch and pitchfork when I find you.