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I been trying not to make a big deal outta this shit, since everybody's already freaked out enough as it is, but you guys know the deal when you hear a gun go off, right? You lie down flat on your stomach, and you get somebody else to figure out what's going on. Preferably somebody else with a gun.

I dunno. Does this place have a plan set up in case of fires? Floods? Whatever.

Anyway, the other day, I met this guy who said he was a time-traveling alien. Back home, that happens and it means somebody should'a got cut off sooner than they did. But here? Get in line.

So I got a question, I guess. If you're a time-traveling alien, how do you decide where you wanna time-travel to? Or... when, I guess.
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I'm afraid we are the plan, Fiona.

[Hello, time-traveling alien, here! He looks...well...ten times worse than he did when he was actually drunk when they first met. Not sleeping for two days will do that to you. Just let him gather his thoughts for a moment.]

I just...go. Or I set the randomizer and let the TARDIS decide.

It's usually safe, as long as you don't change events or cross your own timeline and meet yourself. And, frankly, all of time and space is usually big enough that it's not likely you'll ever meet yourself unless you specifically go to where you know you've been.

[His voice falls to a distracted mutter.]

...though it does happen a lot to me. Probably just a hazard of the job...
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Well, as far as I've seen, the only natural disasters we've had have been related to the war, so...yes. The war.

[He nods with no small amount of pride in his ship.]

Wherever and whenever, yes. If I want to go somewhere specific, I do have to set co-ordinates, and I have to work the controls for more complicated maneuvers, but for the most part she works on her own.

It's quite nice. I tend to find myself in the heart of danger, but it's nice. Not many people get the chance to go around the universe helping others.
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Well, ah...yes, I suppose so. Fireman, mechanic, part-time revolutionary. Take your pick.

Sorry to tell you, but it certainly isn't a way to make ends meet.
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Well, that's the beauty of it, Fiona. You don't really need money all that often. The TARDIS takes care of most of my basic needs.

And if needs be, I'm not above petty theft if it means saving a civilization.
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Oh yes, did I mention I'm a thief? A regular Robin Hood.
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[Is it his lack of sleep, or did she just get that wrong? Oh hell, he doesn't even know anymore.]

Well, I tend to steal items rather than money, and I tend to do it to save the poor and the rich from invasions, or save the poor from their oppressive governments. That sort of thing.

...alright, so the Robin Hood thing didn't quite work as a joke.
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I don't blame you at all, Fiona.

And...yes, we sometimes have a strange sense of humor. I believe it was once called "lame".

[He makes a face like the old man he is on the inside.]

I didn't think it was that bad, was it?
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[He bursts out laughing himself, shaking his head.]

Even I have more taste than that.
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Ah, yes. You caught me on a bad day, I'm afraid. I'm not usually one to drink a lot.

[Except when someone dies or he's heartbroken, and god damn it, people, that needs to stop happening so often. He's starting to look like a lush.]

Besides, I didn't know you'd arrived until I found the note. I do apologize. I thought I was going to be coming home to an empty suite.
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Quite a large family! No wonder you were so good at taking care of me that night.
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[Welcome to the Doctor: the most and also the least judgmental man ever.]

[He chuckles.] I'm quite fond of the Irish, myself.

Besides, your life has made you the person you are. A person I am finding myself rather fond of. Nothing wrong with who you are.
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[And we have the first embarrassed splutter of the evening folks.]

I...I...no, not at all! I don't think I've ever asked anyone to the "prom".

Have I offended you somehow, Miss Gallagher?
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Right. Fiona then.

[Hmph, mean lady.]

And I didn't mean "fond" in that way. For one thing, we only just met.

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