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009 ♒ Video

[Oh, look, it's no one's favorite troll! And he's smirking wickedly at the video feed from the safety of his room in Baldr. He taps out a rhythm on his desk with ring be-decked fingers, claws glinting dangerously in the light, as he attempts to formulate just exactly how he wants to address these peasants he's been surrounded by.

His thoughts have been dark, wildly violent and his anger far more intrusive than normal. He has always been quick to anger, to indignation, but something about this seems more extreme than his idle threats before.

Y'knoww wwhat I think is real fuckin' funny--wwhat makes me laugh myself to sleep durin' the day?

After all a' your wwhinin' an' empty threats about makin' me pay if I culled someone, I massacred Ter an' nothin' happened.  You all are a bunch a' cowward human lowwlifes wwho can't evven compare to the grandness an' perfection that is Eridan Ampora.

It's really quite entertainin', to think a' you all scurryin' around like squeakbeasts, livvin' your meager existences. Just wwaitin' to be culled.

[He growls low under his breath, banging his fist on the desk suddenly.]

An' meanwwhile I think you'vve all forgotten just howw fuckin' dangerous it is to ignore or ridicule your BETTERS! So I'll just havve to remind you.


[He has the good sense to filter the video now just to the blueblooded troll.]

You're goin' to be buildin' me a doomsday devvice. One that fuckin' wworks this time! You evven think a' talkin' back an' I'll kick that swweaty face a' yours in. You wwouldn't wwant to argue wwith your superior, noww wwould you?

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[Sigh. Really? Why the hell did the gods think to bring another megalomaniac imbecile to the city? Eight would have normally ignored this, but lack of sleep and a lot of disturbing thoughts are making his fuse exceptionally short.]

Well...congratulations. I've been through all of space and time, in multiple universes, and you take the biscuit when it comes to stupid mass murderers.

Did nobody ever tell you that not every thought that rattles in that empty fish carcass of a brain of yours needs to be verbalized? That's just asking for a mob to ambush you and shut you up for a while.

So what exactly are you going to do if we all ignore you, hm? Do tell. I haven't had a good laugh in a while.
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[ She likes you more every time she sees you around. ]
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[World-saving hero brofist?]
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I'm asking you, actually.
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You're bluffing, aren't you?
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If I had an Alterian dollar for every time I've heard that...

Yes, well, we'll just have to wait and see, I suppose. You don't mind if I don't bother to hold my breath, do you?