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It is clear that there are many receiving items from home. What are they? What are they worth to you?

Do they perhaps stir up bad memories?
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I got a sword, strangely enough, since I don't usually carry weapons. A Roman spatha, to be exact.

Charley had stolen it from a temple to Mithras in Roman Britain in order to protect me, and then she'd left it in my ship.

I don't think it stirs up bad memories, really, except the memory of losing her later.

Why do you ask?
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I have a feeling it's mostly random, as long as it has some sort of significance to your life.

It is a reminder of someone dear to me, and her strength, yes.
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Well, with the apple that got me the sword, I was mainly hoping not to accidentally pick one of the red ones.

The red ones aren't pleasant.
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Visions of the future. Which, for many of us, isn't a good thing.
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That's the most frustrating thing. And yet, even if I was back at home, there's nothing I can do to change that future. It's such a major event that stopping it would unravel the Web of Time.

Feeling helpless is very unpleasant.
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Quite possible. I almost did it myself once. I'd say I don't recommend it, but I don't regret what I did that did the damage. Besides, I fixed it.

I have to push forward. If I just sit and think about everything, I think I may drive myself mad.