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001 - Video

What? No! Hey!

[Have a loud huff there, Asgard.]

I know! I know! I've read Loki's guide, admired all the drawings. They're brilliant. He's brilliant. Yes, everyone is over that way. I'm going to go see them an-

Whoops. Sorry about that, miss! I'm sure it was a good choice to wear the black silk underthings today and he'll appreciate it! Right. Touch telepathy. Forgot about getting that back.

[He'll be keeping his hands to himself until he forgets which should take about two minutes. He peers at it and grins with a small wave.] You know, I almost got put into an asylum back home over this. Now I'm back! Someone kept Nine's jacket for me, didn't they? And no one told him that I stole it and left the goats to eat him, right? That goat feed I dumped all over was a nice touch if I say so myself. I'll see you all in the hall, and you can tell me everything.
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Well, since this is public, he knows now.

[Eight's still in a bit of a mood, but he's certainly pleased to see you, Theta.]

It's good to see you again. It's gone a bit mad around here since you left. You'll fit right in.
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Sure it was...

[He shakes his head.]

It hasn't been the fun kind of madness, Theta.
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[He swallows and nods to himself, like he's made a decision.]

I'll come find you. Where are you?
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Ah. The castle. I'll meet you outside.

[He steels himself and makes his way to the castle, finding Theta with his hands jammed deep into his jacket pockets.]

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[Eight doesn't mind hugs. He's always been a tactile Doctor, so he accepts the hug willingly, with a bit of a awkward, "manly" slap on the shoulder when he pulls away.]

I'd say there have been ups and downs.

On the positive side, Charley was here. Then I was an idiot and got killed when Thiazi attacked the city, and spent too much time away from her while the castle was enveloped with ice, trapping all the dead inside.

And then...she was gone, along with my last chance to make up for everything I'd done wrong in our relationship.

[He shakes his head. Stupid, stupid Doctor.]

Rose disappeared too, and Nine has...I don't know. I haven't seen him in a few days. His name is still on the list, but he's just gone.

But now you've returned! And I've met that Captain Harkness you mentioned, and Ten's here, so I suppose it's looking up in the general sense.
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Well, I wouldn't say not ever gone. Maybe she'll be back in Asgard one day, but once we're all back home, that's it.

[He gives Theta a little half-smile at the suggestion that he's the bravest. It was a good thing that he told her. After everything he put her through, he at least owed it to her not to leave her wondering.]

I'm sure it will get better. It's just still a bit fresh. But thank you.

And, ah...[He clears his throat a little self-consciously.] Yes, Jack is quite...exuberant. I have a feeling he could put color into Asgard all by himself.
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What? A miserable wreck like me? Well, if you like that sort of thing.

[He does manage a lopsided grin. Yes, he is slightly poking fun at himself.]

You could say that! He offered to give me a sample of what snogging him will be like in the future. I think I'd known him for all of...two minutes at that point?

[And now he's flushing a bit. It's quite overwhelming when you first meet Jack Harkness.]
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No thank you. She bites, I've found.

[He rubs at his ear in remembrance of the TARDIS' reaction to his dying recently.]

Nine started it? Well, I'd never guess. I'd have thought Ten might have. From all your stories, he seems the sort.
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She does if you stupidly get yourself I did recently.

Nine did? He doesn't strike me as the type to go around kissing people. Well, except Rose, perhaps.
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I know, I know. It was my own stupid fault. I got too distracted by events and didn't notice until it was too late that I'd been caught by the ice. Poor Charley had to watch the whole thing.

[He frowns at that. One of the last things they got to do together was her watching him slowly freeze to death. Poor, poor Charley.]

I'll be alright, though I'm actually a bit glad that Nine's recovered enough from losing Rose to think about others. As strange as it may sound, it's a bit heartening.
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[He bursts out laughing at that. Ah, the orgy.] Yes, quite.

I know. I do wish it had been different, though. Nothing to do about it now, I suppose.

And that depends. The end of a story isn't always pleasant. Mind you, I don't know the end either, so I couldn't say.
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[For the moment, at least.]

True, I suppose.

Well, either way, what's done is done.
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[Eight just chuckles to himself.]

You know, between you and River, people are going to think I've become an alcoholic.

Alright, alright, lead the way.

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