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[voice] first offramp

[And the feed opens to a blunt, but cheerful sounding voice.]

So I apologize if someone's asked this before -- I'm sure they have but I'm still pretty new and all -- is it normal for people to be like...from the past in comparison to you?

[Cryptic question is cryptic. She also doesn't know how to filter things yet.]

Just wondering.
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[Voice] hi there, late to the party!

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[Why hello! There should at least be one Time Lord here to answer timey wimey questions!]

Past, and future, yes. I'm used to it, but I can see how it could mess with a human's mind when your view of time is so linear.

Did you have a specific problem you wished to talk about?
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Well, on a technical level, I hear that you don't remember anything that happened here when you returned home, so you pose no risk of damaging the Web of Time by telling them about their future. They can't act on what they don't remember being told, after all.

If you are concerned about how they'd feel...well...that depends on a number of factors. Think they could handle it?
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I understand. Really, I do.

Ultimately, I'd say it's up to you to decide whether it would be worse for them to know or not. I personally wouldn't, unless they confronted you on the subject. Otherwise, as they say, ignorance is bliss.
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Sounds like a good plan for now. Things do have a habit of changing, however.
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Well, everything evolves over time. Not even Time Lords know with complete accuracy what the future holds. Events may happen that makes keeping your secrets the worst solution.

It's...not likely, but anything is possible.
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[It's amazing how quickly one can get acclimated to the strange and unnerving.]

I don't doubt it. Especially being in this place. Even if you haven't had such a strange life before you came here, you've certainly seen plenty of unbelievable things since you arrived.