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a tantrum of the separated lover-in-denial (video)

[There's a lot of flickering. The Doctor's face is in shadow, defined by the small specks of light wherever he stands. His eyes are cold, but there's something almost sad and weary if it can be seen in this light.]

You tell us to make friends. You tell us to play nice. And if we behave ourselves and brighten up the place, the city will be saved and our fragile little worlds will stand a chance. It's like a fairy tale right out of a storybook. Make friends, give yourself stronger powers, kill the nasty giants, and save the world. So easy a child could do it, right?

Sure. Until the people you've bonded with vanish without a trace one after another like they're being picked off, slipping away into the ether like they never existed. Poof. And there go those bonds you keep telling us to make.

[He makes a violent separation gesture with his hands]

I'll be a good little soldier and fight the giants, if only because our stable little worlds might warrant some saving. But that's all you're getting from me.
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[First her death, and now this.

Eight's face is somewhat unreadable. He had taken a particular liking to that lady when he first arrived. But then, you do sort of form a bond when you find yourself literally sharing dreams.

The sadness of this is compounded by the fact that so many from their world/universe/whatever have disappeared so close together. He can't bear to think of who might be next, if the gods' grip on them has become so weak. He's happy here...most of the time.]

The feeling of loss never gets easier, does it? Especially here, where we're completely helpless at preventing it. Even when we lost people at home, we could at least try to stop it happening. Here, we just wake up one morning and...they're gone.
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[personal profile] beforethewar 2013-08-11 06:11 am (UTC)(link), I suppose we didn't.

She is a special one. Has to be, since we don't fall for someone so easily. And she's strong. She'll be fine. And she won't thank you for twisting yourself into knots over this.
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So do I.

And yet, in a way I knew her far more than I probably should when I ended up in her nightmare because of Freya's curse. Good thing she didn't end up in mine...

[Two companions and a great-grandson dying recently, all within an hour of each other, thanks to the Daleks. His nightmares are not a good place to be.]

Tell me more about her, if it will ease the hurt? I don't mind knowing about my future, since I won't remember when I go home.
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[Oh. Okay then. He digs through his admittedly terrible memory.]

She reminds me of us, sometimes. Very quick to blame herself if someone gets hurt. And her life seems to be intertwined with Daleks, somehow. She said she's "killed them off" once before. I don't see how, but just...the way she said it made me believe her.

A lot of it was a blur of words, feelings. Regret and determination.

[But this wasn't what he intended to say. There was something deeper to it, and he looks as if he's trying to put it into words, which is rather unusual for him.]

She's brave, that one. Brave and devoted to us, which is a heady combination. One that, according to what she says, brings her to travel between universes to get to us again.

[To Eight, travel between universes is still possible, and he suddenly desperately wants to know why it no longer is, but this isn't the time. Right now is the time to help Nine talk about Rose.]

I suppose you can say that when she loves, she loves without reservation. And she loves you. You are a lucky man.

Tell me more.

[He'd let Nine turn the discussion around so that he had to answer the question first, but now it is Nine's turn.]
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[Eight gives a fond chuckle.]

Brave, brilliant, impetuous blondes who don't mind giving us a scolding when we've stepped over the line.

I think we have a "type", Doctor.

And it wasn't just a whim, was it?
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[He grins.] Good, I'm in trouble enough.

[There's a long pause as he gathers his thoughts.] know, in everything in our lives that we get wrong, it's good to know that in those few bright moments when we let our hearts guide us like we keep telling others to do, we always seem to get it right.
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Of course it does.

If they weren't worth it, it wouldn't hurt.
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Trust me, I know. I know.

[He still hears his granddaughter screaming her son's name in his nightmares every night.]

Obviously you didn't give up when you were me, so you can't give up now.
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Why? So we're stuck here longer? So it takes you longer for this war to end and for you to get released back to her?

That makes no sense.
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[Oh...uh oh.]

You know things are bad when we start talking about killing.
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I'd rather we avoid that, but I really can't fault the idea, I suppose.