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022 ✿ Audio

[Euri isn't in the greatest of moods. It's been several days since she's even been to her and Draco's shop thanks to being sick, and because Draco's been grey that means all the damage from the break-in has just been sitting there, unattended, for far too long.]

This is awful. Just - ugh! So annoying! And not just because so many of us got sick. Some of us have to pay for the damages done to our shops on top of that!

If I haven't made it clear, Asclepius got hit by that damn spy. Draco's - tied up, and I've been sick, so clean up hasn't even started yet. I'm not sure when the shop will be open again, but it's going to be a few more days at least.

[She huffs in annoyance, not at all prepared to deal with this after being sick.]

This is bullshit! None of this would've happened if we had killed the spy right away. The people who voted to imprison him should be paying to fix all the damage he did, including the profit loss any shops are having to deal with from being closed to clean up. It's only fair, after all!
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[Because if he speaks to her, he will say something he regrets.]

If that is what a life is worth, then I will offer any money I can provide.
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[And this is why he's texting, because she very well might be surprised at the tone he'd have used.]

Recently, yes. I'm helping out in the Library. It isn't a lot of money, but I still live in the Welcome Hall, so my meals and room and board are taken care of.
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I will not apologize for taking the side of sparing a life. Not even over profit. But if money will help, I've gotten by without money for centuries, so I'll offer what I have.
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It isn't hard when you have a TARDIS that can provide for all your needs. I have had money before, mind you. It just hasn't been a necessity.
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Consider yourself lucky that you have the luxury to worry about money. Many people in the universe have enough trouble worrying about living from one day to the next.
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I'm speaking of people like slaves, Euri. Or political prisoners. I'm saying that you should consider yourself lucky that you're in the position to worry about property, because there are people out there in the universe that are property, or are languishing in a cell for having the wrong opinions. Their needs are met, but they have bigger things to worry about than what they can afford to buy.

Don't worry about what I know about suffering.
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I'm just trying to show you the bigger picture.

I am glad to help you. Always would have been, even with the finger pointing.

The only one at fault is the one who committed the act. I will not apologize for maintaining a modicum of mercy.
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I think you're better than that, Euri.

And is it really mercy when it's only given to the deserving?
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Compassion and mercy aren't exactly the same thing. Mercy, in a way, is supposed to go to the undeserving. It's extending a hand to someone about to fall, no matter what they've done. You never know when it'll be you that needs that mercy.

[And this is why he's in Sigyn and not Freya!]

It may be stupid, but it's usually the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, this fellow wasted his second chance. I can't protect people from themselves all the time.
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I've heard that a lot.

And you're right. What's done is done.
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[As bad as this place has been so far, it hasn't been nearly bad enough to bring out Eight's bad side. He really hopes it doesn't ever come to that.]

I'm really not always as nice as you think I am.

And to answer your question, some are nicer, some are not. I don't know much about my future selves, as I haven't been them yet. Eleven -- that's the one in the bow tie -- seems more thoughtless than outright mean, as if he doesn't always think of how other people would feel before opening his mouth.

Nine -- the one who is dressed something like me, but in black -- is something of a mystery. Brusque and a bit harsh, but he seems alright.

The blond one in the horrible coat, well, has his moments. I was in a rather arrogant and rude phase back then. Thankfully the one we have here has had the benefit of the calming influence of a friend of ours.
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Nevertheless, it is true. I've said and done some horrible things. I'm nicer here because I can afford to be nicer. For one, I actually have reasons to be happy. Anyone can be nicer under those circumstances.

And I'd like to think all of my incarnations are interesting.
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[Finally, the screen pops on and Eight is there, looking at her with a sad smile and a shake of his head.]

Euri... I really don't--

[Sigh. They never believe him, until he does something that makes them want to get as far away from him as possible. And then it's too late and he's lost their faith forever.]

No, I wouldn't say that any of us are horrible. I think some other Travelers might disagree, however.
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