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NPC POST: Heimdall

[ On the morning of Day 298, Heimdall addresses the network. ]

Greetings, people of Asgard.

I'm sure all of you are aware by now of the sickness spreading through the city that began two days ago. We have confirmation it is due to a chemical attack on Asgard's water system, so please refrain from drinking or bathing in it until this has been resolved.

A purification rune to cleanse the water is being set up. For this I request your aid, to best most effective we must activate the arrays at several points across the entire city simultaneously in order to reverse the damage done.

[A short pause, before he adds:]

As for the perpetrator, it is none other than the spy who was in our captivity until recently. I ask all of you to remain vigilant, although he is assumed to still be within the city limits, his current whereabouts are unknown.

That is all.

[OOC: The discovery and interception of the spy by three per-determined travellers will be threaded out here.]
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[In a gravely, scratchy, not-at-all-impressive-sounding voice.]

Damn it.

[The spy had his chance and he squandered it, and dug his own grave.]

If you need extra hands, mine are available. They're a bit shaky, but serviceable.
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Shaky hands can still help with the runes. Do what you can. We need these things to go up everywhere.
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[He was half-expecting Thor to pull out the "I told you so" line, but if he's not, Eight isn't going to argue.]

Of course. I'll do whatever is necessary.