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☄ 3rd Landing || Video || Night 297

[In all her years the TARDIS has never been sick - not in the sense a human gets sick anyway. These were things she normally fought off in every single stray that crossed her threshold. Had to seeing as how there will quite a bit of diseases floating around out there in time and space. She couldn't have one of them bringing back some kind of space-disease to their planet.]

[If she had her abilities still then she wouldn't be sick now either. Even if she wasn't entirely sure what the cause was chances were still good that she would be able to neutralize it. There were only a few things she couldn't stop. Even then, the TARDIS didn't get the same kind of illnesses other species did.]

[So despite the fact that her symptoms aren't nearly all that bad, she certainly feels absolutely terrible. It's cold, her throat hurts, her nose is running, she can't stop coughing for long periods of time or keep anything down in her queasy stomach.]

[The video tunes in on what appears to be darkness but then there's a bit of light to reveal a pale, red-nosed TARDIS face.]

Human illnesses are terrible. It's always been the one thing I never wanted to experience. There's all this grossness involving bodily fluids and general displeasure all around. I feel colder than when drifting through space even though my internal temperature is high. How do you all put up with it?

You all should just leave me here to die if this is a common occurrence for a human being. [No, not really she's just being dramatic and grumpy.]

This isn't even the worst disease in all of time and space. Someone should really get on developing a cure for these common things. An instant cure.

[She seems to shut the video off but she really doesn't.]

[Private to the DW Cast]

You all haven't died, have you? Check in.

[Coughs and then sniffles.]

I suppose now isn't exactly the time to discuss our housing situation but you should all start thinking about it. Eleven's flat is crowded and small, we need to look for someplace bigger. Shame my blue box self isn't here.
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[His normally smooth voice croaks and cracks, and he looks a little glassy-eyed, but...]

I'm fine, dear. Is there anything you need?
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[He's faring better than many, thankfully. He can't help take care of anyone if he's laid up as well.]

I wish I knew where we caught this from. It would help with treating it more effectively.
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[There's a flash of anger.]

If this is one of their ridiculous curses...

Hm. Maybe not.
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[Her sniffle elicits a hacking cough. What a pair they make.]

I wish I could do more for you, but yes, I'll look into it.