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006 ღ video

[She's just going to be ... brief. There's a tense sort of relief in her voice, but hey. It's been a while, hasn't it?]

I guess I'm back, then. Been a bit longer than I thought... Sorry.

[Private to The Ninth Doctor]

...You around?
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[Eight lets out a huge sigh of relief.]

Thank goodness. I thought something might have gone wrong.

Welcome back to the land of the living, Rose.
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...per se?

[He gives her a stern look.]

What do you mean, "per se"?
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[But he's the Doctor! The wise old man of the universe! All knowing and all-- oh who am I kidding?

Rather than stern, he's now looking at her with an utterly befuddled expression.]

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Well, alright then.

[He frowns a little. This not being able to out what the gods are up to at any given time is rather disconcerting.]

I just-- I'm glad you're alright now, at least. And I'm sorry I couldn't do more to keep you alive.