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12th Mishmash ~ [Video]

[ The moment the Doctor gets back into the city, he turns on the bracelet to, well. Announce his return. Except the moment it's started recording he seems to remember something, and instead he starts patting himself down, runs his tongue over his teeth and touches his chin and his nose and runs his fingers through his hair.

His hair which... isn't the same colour it usually is. But, naturally, he doesn't know that.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Doctor has ended up ginger. Temporarily, but he sure is ginger. ]

I still have the same body. Same chin, same nose, same teeth, same height, same everything. I died and I didn't change!

That is weird.

[ And he laughs, because it really is, and he starts walking about and basically doing... all sorts of things with his arms and legs, hopping and jumping and waving his hands. Because it sure feels exactly the same.

After a few moments of that, he starts talking. ]

Hello, everyone, I'm back! Did you miss me?

[ Before he ends the feed, he spreads his arms with a grin. ]
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[Was he...laughing and joking?]

You and I need to talk.
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Yes. We need to have a discussion about appropriate reactions to an event that has traumatized your friends.

Do see me as soon as you can. Or I can come to you.
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Well, I was making my apologies to the Roadhouse staff.

[Long story.]

If I remember right, your flat is just in the next district over. I'll see you there.
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I'll be waiting.
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[Eight could wait. Oh, sure, his mind wandered while he did so, but his foul mood had kept him from wandering off like he might have done otherwise.

He is leaning on a bit of wall next to the front door, his eyes icy as he watches his other self lope along in that odd gait of his. As the other man gets closer, Eight pushes off the wall and balls up one fist. The Doctor isn't usually a violent man, but this is one of his own incarnations. He'd make an exception for this grinning idiot.

And when Eleven finally gets close enough, Eight pulls back a leather-clad arm and swings for his face.]

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[Eight scowls at Eleven.] Did it not occur to you what you'd be leaving behind when you died? Did you not think that maybe you should think about how your friends might be suffering because they lost you? Even if they knew you'd come back?

What in Kasterborous made you think that making a joke out of it would be a good idea??
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[Here's Eleven, talking to Eight about getting distracted. REALLY, Eleven?]

I certainly hope you didn't mean it like that, Doctor. I also hope poor Amy gave you a piece of her mind when you saw her. The poor girl was a wreck when you died. Having you return in such a jovial mood was probably a bit of a shock for her, to put it mildly.
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[He gives a sharp nod, then softens, just a little.]

You really did put your foot in it, didn't you?
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You'd think after all these years, I'd grow out of that. Especially with all the trouble it's caused in the past.
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And the worst thinking as well. The kind of thinking that leads you to hurt your companions.

[He gives a pained expression, knowing that he's just about the worst person to explain this. Or, maybe he's the best, since he knows the damage his own unthinking words caused.]

Their time with us is so fleeting. We can't waste time saying things we'll want to apologize for later. We may not get a 'later'.
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That doesn't mean you don't try. You could at least make some minimal effort.
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[Eight tilts his head and frowns at Eleven.]

Under normal circumstances, I'd undertand and agree.

But this does go a bit above and beyond doesn't it? Surely you know how humans take death. They're a short lived species, and death for them is usually forever.
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Well, at least you know well enough to apologize to them. Wish I'd known that earlier, and didn't have to learn the hard way.

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