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001 | Video

[When the video starts, Six’s face is set in a determined, almost angry expression. As soon as Six notices it’s recording, however, it changes immediately into something a lot more genial and vague. It’s mostly focused on his face, but if anyone’s familiar with the famous outfit, you’ll recognize the multicolored collar of the rainbow monstrosity his wonderfully fashionable coat.]

Oh! Hello there. I’m afraid I’m having a bit of trouble with this blasted device, newfangled… whatever it is, I imagine. [He’s probably lying, but he’s not about to tell what he was really up to.] Now then! Could someone tell me a bit more about what this place really is? [Because there’s no way he believes this really is some kind of Godly abode, or that idiotic little ‘guide’ he found when he was first poking around this thing.] And… mmm. I don’t suppose… is there someone here named Evelyn? She may be going by Doctor Smythe… older lady, fond of cardigans and chocolate. I’d… really appreciate it if someone was able to tell me of her whereabouts. We seem to have become inadvertently separated. [He couldn’t have been pulled here without her, he just… he refuses to even think that he might have.

There’s one more matter he wants to address… and his expression regains some of the sternness it had when he first appeared, though he doesn’t mean for that to happen.]
I’d also like to know what happened to my TARDIS. Blue box, fairly large, can’t miss it. Anyone who can tell me anything about it… please do. [And… that seems to be it, as he ends the video almost immediately.]
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[Is the war really going THAT badly, gods?]

You have got to be kidding me. It had to be you, didn't it? Just when we thought we'd seen the last of that blasted coat...

[He lets out a huge, long-suffering sigh and shakes his head.]

They're not here, as much as I'd love to see Evelyn again. And your TARDIS is back home where you left it.
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[Video] Oh hush, they're fine. At least they all come from the same show.

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[Oh, you have no idea.]

Yes, quite fashionable on worlds where the native species is colorblind. And plenty of things have saved my life in the past. I have no intention of wearing them.

[Alright, alright, enough sniping about that hideous thing.]

Amazingly enough...four now, including you. Well, four and a half. But none are the incarnations just before or just after you.
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Well of course not, Doctor. You've only just arrived.

He calls himself by our Academy nickname, Theta. Apparently in our future, we and our hand go through a metacrisis and he is the result.

[Eight shrugs. He'd never actually witnessed a metacrisis before and had only heard of them in theory.]

I honestly do not know any details, and he's not exactly forthcoming. Which is not surprising, since he came from us.

Anyway, yes. Four and a half. Yourself, myself, and two future incarnations. One of which seems to be the most recent model. So, at least we're in intelligent company.
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Oh, I'm sure once Theta wants himself known, you won't be able to miss him. I suppose it's thankful that whichever one of us he came from, that incarnation isn't here. Less confusing that way.

[Eight makes a bit of a face. He really needs to stop burning through bodies so fast.]

Twelve, actually.
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Oi, now, that's not right. We're up to eleven as far as we're aware of here.

[ He raises his hand. ]

That's me.
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Eleven! Right!

[a little cough] Well, you get all that information about yourself all at once and see if it doesn't throw you off.
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I'm sure it wouldn't.
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Oh, we all know it was bound to happen. If it helps, I've had this one for a few centuries by now.
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Your future is in good hands, Doctor.

[ For the most part. ]
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[Eight gives the 'I know, right?' face.]

Apparently we get reckless in our old age. Though I know at least once it is to save the life of someone we care a great deal for.

[He was not going to forget that nightmare of Rose's that he got thrown into anytime soon.]

You should meet Rose sometime. She's a fine lady. Well worth the life lost, I think.
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[nod] She is indeed. I'm sure you'll meet her soon enough. I think she's been a bit preoccupied since her Doctor arrived.
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[If Theta's word is anything to go by, and that's a bit dubious, it goes far deeper than that. Still, his future self intimidated him enough that he isn't going to pry.]

Yes, this indeterminate time frame for us being stuck here is rather disconcerting. I mean, we've been told that when we return, we'll go back to when we left off, but what if we never leave?

[Now there's a cheery thought. Good job, Eight.]
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Well, quite! And on top of that, if you don't return, what becomes of the rest of us? We may cease to exist!

[Right. Calm. Breathe.]

Still, it might be a bit premature to worry about that. I've only been here for a few weeks, and you only just got here.
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Of course! And who better than us? We've fought and won against worse than giants before. Surely we could hold back Ragnarok itself.

Let's just hope the gods don't decide that they need to keep us around after.