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[video] i spy with my little eye

Citizens of Asgard. I come bearing only grave news this day. What I believe to be a spy, lurking in our very midst.

[ The camera pans over to a bound and gagged individual that some may in fact recognize from the tail end of the Utgard excursion. ]

He has aroused the suspicions of many with his peculiar behavior. The natives themselves have been able to confirm he is not one of them, as he has tried claiming.

Presently, he can be found in the custody of myself and Sir Gwaine. I wish to seek the council of everyone before we reach the city proper as it is a matter which undeniably concerns the safety of us all.

But as for myself, I would vote for execution to follow his questioning. I have seen firsthand what may happen with prisoners during war. They conspire to escape and wreak further havoc, squandering mercy and endangering good men.

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[Eight gives the Disapproving Scowl. Hey, it's best to go with one's strengths.]

So instead of letting them "squander mercy", we're just going forego the mercy altogether by killing them?
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Do you not agree that a spy in our midst, likely one sent by the enemies that would see the whole of creation destroyed, is culpable in abetting these crimes?
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And how are we any better than they are by killing the man? Is there no other punishment available?
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There is a difference between slaughter and justice. Surely there are alternatives, but a man must be held accountable for his actions, even moreso when there are innocent lives at stake.
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Re: [Video]

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[Knights. Damned knights. Almost as bad as trying to reason with a Sontaran.

He sighs.]

Well, for one, I never mentioned not holding him accountable. What I'm doing is pointing out that killing isn't the only method of doing that.

If this person is kept from passing along whatever information he may have gathered, what will killing him accomplish? Showing how strong you are?
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How would you keep him indefinitely? Imprisonment is not failsafe, not even for the gods. You take a risk with our lives if you allow him to keep his.
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And exactly how do you know that?
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I have watched my kingdom invaded and ravaged by men that would whisper her secrets to our enemies. To suffer a known spy to live is to condemn my citizens to death, this I know by experience.
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So you've had a handful of years of experience, and that has given you all you need to know, hm?

Well, my experience is just a bit broader than yours, and a lot of it has been dealing with people who's first instinct is to kill.

We are not killing the man, and that's the end of it. There has to be another way.
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[ Give him a second to blanch at the audacity of such a statement. ]

You think yourself the final authority on the matter? No one man has set upon judgment, for it is not our place.

[ Nor yours, you arrogant bastard. ]

With all your broad experience, then, please do suggest a way out of this that does not end in the suffering of any one person.
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[Eight is stone-faced at this point. How many times has he gone over this same situation before? Too many. It's enough to make anyone feel old and well out of patience for human stubbornness.]

I am perfectly willing to risk my own life to see that nobody dies here, while you are...obviously not so inclined. And trust me, young man, I have stared down far more frightening enemies than you and won.

Now, you can try to take the easy route, but you will have to go through me first. And that is my final word on the matter. Nobody is going to die if I can help it.

[Because really, he knows it's just not going to end well, with or without words.]
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[ Arthur is, typically, a level-headed man. He can get heated without getting angry in discussions of import; he knows the weight of such affairs.

But this is a personal accusation against him, and he has suffered too much in his time here to simply let it go. ]

Do not make assumptions of which you know nothing. I have bled for this city more times than I can count. I have been burned from the inside out while my flesh boiled from my bones at the Giants' hands. I have watched my friends killed by their forces, soldiers and children alike, in ways I cannot bear to describe for its atrocity. You have no right to make false claim of my involvement in this war.

You are not my enemy, and I would not bid it so in a matter such as this, but you will find no ally in our cause if you would make yourself into a tyrant with no claim to power for matters that hold no bearing in this realm. Think not so highly of yourself.
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[Eight waits...and waits.]

You throw out a lot of words you have no understanding of. Last I checked -- and I have had quite an extensive experience with tyrants in my time -- a tyrant doesn't lay their own life down to save a stranger. They do quite the opposite.

And yes, it is noble of you to have been willing to suffer as you have, but it is no excuse for killing, and we are certainly not going to have a competition over who has suffered more, because trust me, you will not win that competition. I have several centuries on you when it comes to experience with sticking my neck out. So let's just leave that be, shall we?

My "cause" is to preserve life, even at the cost of my own. I'll stand against the gods themselves if I have to.

[He takes a deep breath, trying to return to his normally pleasant self, but not exactly succeeding. There's just been way too much death in his life of late for him to just sit back and let another death happen if he can help it.]

Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail, and it will never come to that.
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You kindness goes hand in hand with foolishness.

What would you do with him? Keep him here, imprisoned? or perhaps send him back? Keep him here and the Queen of Giants will send another to take him back or kill him on the spot. Do not forget he has enough information about her as well and I am rather certain she is not interested in him telling that to us. And her men will reach him, they will sneak in just as he had before them. Send him back to her and she will make an example of him, of what happens to those who fail her and she will likely torture him before she gives him a very public end.

Consider. Keep him alive now and he will die more painfully very soon. Or do you think the Queen of Giants is interested in preserving life and high morals? She will give him a painful end and he will curse your kindness with his last breath. She is cruel and clever and my brother knows quite well what a cruel and clever queen will do to those who fail her. As do I, I would have done the same. Arrogant kindness is sometimes far more cruel than admitting to the truth.
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[He gives a small smile. Finally someone speaking at least someone rationally, even if he disagrees fervently.]

I've been called a fool before, usually in these circumstances, so that's nothing new.

Are you telling me these gods of ours are not as all-powerful as they want us to believe? They can play petty games with us, but having the ability to imprison one spy so that the Giants decide it's not worth their time to get one minion back is beyond them? I somehow doubt it. There is almost always another way.

And is that how we're going to deal with things now? Kill them because someone else is just going to kill them anyway? If we can't keep one spy from being killed, how can we even hope to keep a whole city safe? Just think what message that will send to the Queen. Do you want her to attack, thinking we're weak and afraid? Do you think we're ready for her right now?
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The Gods in their might and wisdom never noticed him entering the city. The Gods have failed at keeping the Queen from entering the network. The Gods are the ones who need slave warriors with little powers to win their own war. I do not trust the Gods nor shall I trust them with this man's life. If we decide to keep him as a prisoner then he is our prisoner. It is not the Gods who captured him.

Keep him alive for the Queen if you wish. But if you are as old and wise as you say then you must know some things are worse than death and we must take into mind that our mercy might be worse to him. The Queen will know we are weak if he lives or dies as we are weak indeed. There is not much of a secret there.
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I know there are things worse than death, but is that really who we are now? What exactly are we fighting for if life is this easy to throw away?
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We are fighting for the lives of those in this city! Those who did not choose this war. The women and men and children here, the natives, those we fight for. We cannot fight for all of this realm, not for Queen of Giants nor for those in her service. If you imprison him, we risk this very city.

I will not see the ones I love die for the sake of a stranger that wishes to see the end of us all.
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You both seem entirely convinced that if one spy lives, everyone is doomed. How is that even logical? There are too many pieces to this puzzle for one act of mercy to doom everything for all eternity.

There is more than one way to skin a cat.


Or...not skin a cat in this case.


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You speak of your experience and you know nothing of this city. I want no pissing match with your trials, for you know nothing of mine. Speak not of me or my character and I will speak nothing of yours.

Stand for his life if you will it. You will stand for the chaos he wreaks as well. Should death befall this city at his hands, you will know it was because you allowed it to pass. Stand for it then and tell me it was mercy.
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I have universes of experience, young man, and I mean that literally, not as a metaphor. You really don't want to go there. Just let it drop.

This is one spy, not the Queen of the Giants. Let's not inflate his ability. Keeping him from relaying his information should be enough, and there are ways to do that without killing him.

Who will you next decide needs to be gotten rid of for the sake of the city? Just how far are you willing to go?
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As far as I must to stop their Ragnarok from destroying every realm in existence. He is one man, but one man can determine the fate of millions in the right position. It is naive and foolish to take that chance under the hope it will not come to pass.
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['As far as I must' is exactly what he feared the young man would say. How many times had he heard that before?

He frowns.]

You are acting as if there are only two options: Kill him or send him home with a cookie and a pat on the back. Which of us is the naive one? At least credit the gods with some more creativity than that.
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Indefinite imprisonment has never been a permanent solution. These gods of ours are not infallible and the Giants are brazen. No bars or chains will hold him forever, of this I have no doubt.
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The Giants are not infallible either. And if the gods can coerce people into completely changing their personality without even noticing that it's happened until it's too late, certainly they can come up with something.

Just off the top of my head, how about that curse many of the Travelers were recently under that made people cling to each other. If they can manage something like that nearly city-wide, think of what they could impose on one single spy for the duration of this war.

And that's only an idea I came up with without too much thought. Think of what we could come up with if all of us, including the gods, put our heads together and just think.

[The mere idea of thinking their way through this improves his mood greatly.]
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