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10 Mishmash ~ [Video]

[ Whether or not starting the recording is intentional isn’t exactly clear, because the Doctor is doing a lot of button pressing as he marches into the kitchen. He’s got a yellow bowtie with black borders that he got from Hanako, which isn’t entirely out of place, but you might want to note the coat he’s wearing.

That is definitely not something he usually has on him.

The screen shakes as he changes settings and throws the bracelet onto the table, and Jamie comes into the view. And with a volume and racket that is completely uncharacteristic of the Doctor Asgard knows, he announces: ]

I’m bored!

[As for Jamie, he is currently very involved with a piece of toast (or two), and he doesn’t bother to look up right away, instead directing his comments to the Doctor while working on his breakfast.]

Aye, well, could ye be bored a wee bit more quietly? Some of us just woke up, ye know.

Oh, you don’t understand!

[ The Doctor sets to pacing. ]

I can’t go on like this! Nothing’s happening, nothing at all, there’s no no... stimuli, only lingering, imminent... boredom. My brain is rotting and dying, Jamie, it’s going to cease, do you hear me?

Och, don’t be ridiculous, Doctor. There’s no way that...

[Jamie happens to glance up at that moment, and whatever he was going to say flies right out the window after one look at what the Doctor’s wearing. That coat is...something else. Enough so that he seems to be at a complete loss for words. Well, mostly.]


[ The Doctor looks very ready to argue, but when Jamie pauses and looks at him, he pauses too. Stops, even, abruptly in the middle of a step. ]

What? What is it?

[ But then he seems to gather himself together again, and his expression turns offended. ]

--see? It’s already happening! You made me lose my train of thought!

[And true to form, off goes Jamie’s mouth to one side.]

If ye ask me, you’ve gone and lost something else. Where on Earth did ye get that thing? Ye look like a Frenchman.

What about this is French? I’m not French, in any way.

[ The Doctor raises his chin with an indignant sniff. ]

I never said ye were one. Just that ye look like one. And what else would ye call if it not French, then?

Why, it’s mine, of course! What else would it be?

[Jamie’s eyebrows arch up, disappearing into his bangs, and he gives the Doctor a look.]

Do ye really want me to answer that?

[ The Doctor’s eyebrows arch right up along with Jamie’s, challenging. ]

Yes, yes, do go on!

Someone’s idea of...well. You’ve not gone and taken a knock on the head recently, have ye, Doctor?

If there’s anything wrong with my head, it’s because it doesn’t get enough exercise! There has to be something to do around here. Something new.

[ And he’s apparently well aware that the bracelet is recording, because now he marches over to grab it. ]

You lot couldn’t start being helpful for once and give me something, could you?

[ And then he cuts the feed. Someone’s grumpy. ]

((OOC: The Doctor's in his sixth incarnation this time around! You thought Eleven was dramatic? This is the drama queen of the Doctor the drama queen. Enjoy!

Black is the Doctor, red is Jamie. Both might be responding, I'm guessing?

I forgot to link this the last time, but there's an open log here if anyone wants to get in on that. I'm fine with backtagging, always.))
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I knew I should have burned that thing when I had my wits about me again.

[This is...embarrassing...]
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[personal profile] notthedoctor 2013-05-22 06:56 pm (UTC)(link)
[Theta's voice is muffled by a hand over his face.] I meant to as well. It just slipped my mind.
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Well, he does say he's bored... [A little, devious grin.]

Perhaps he could be given something to do, like... try to escape as we hunt him down to remove that eyesore from his person?
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You can do that over the glare of that coat?
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[personal profile] beforethewar 2013-05-23 07:14 am (UTC)(link)
Not for anyone around you, it doesn't.
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[personal profile] beforethewar 2013-05-26 05:51 pm (UTC)(link)
How can anyone focus on anything else with that thing burning their retinas?
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[personal profile] notthedoctor 2013-05-22 07:03 pm (UTC)(link)
It would be a public service to keep him occupied. Who knows what he could get up to. [Completely ignoring the Six/Eleven Doctor there.]

We'll have to hide it somewhere, hold onto it until we find out how to fix or if we should fix what's wrong with him. If the gods gave it to him, wouldn't be good to destroy it yet.
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Nine looks like a sturdy incarnation. We could have him hold Eleven down while we get it from him.

And there a hole deep enough to throw it down?
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Maybe we should leave Nine out of this. He might be, uh, busy.

[Or still upset about missing his leather coat and left with goat chow spread on him in the middle of a petting zoo.]

Until we know it's not linked to him somehow, it might be best to give to Rory or River for hiding.
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Oh. Hm, maybe. [Eight knows about the coat. Though, not who took it. Nine did look rather put-out. Probably best not to remind him. He looked like he could knock each of them flat pretty easily.]


Definitely give it to River. [More evil grinning.]
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[The metacrisis is well and happy to not poke at Nine right now for more reasons than just the coat.]

River. [Pleased agreement there.] She'll take good care of it and make sure he can't lay hands on it. Where should I meet you? And where is he?
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Oh. Ah.

[There was always a hitch, wasn't there?]

I'm not actually sure where he is.

[Sweetly, completely innocently.]

Oh, Jamie, you couldn't possibly tell us where you two are, could you?
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Hey? Oh, the kitchen.

[Yes, thank you, Jamie, that's helpful.]

At the flat. Why?
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[Video/Action for Eleven]

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[Because then maybe he can finish his breakfast in...oh, who is he kidding. He sets his toast aside and turns towards where Eleven is off-screen.]

Because he asked. Besides, I don't what see the problem is. It's not like them taking your coat is going to make anything worse.

Might make it better, if ye ask me.
Edited 2013-05-23 03:44 (UTC)
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Aye? Wouldn't it be theirs too, though? After all, they're the Doctor the same as ye are.

[Well. The Doctor and the hand of the Doctor, but who's counting?]

Besides, it's not as though you've not got other things to wear if they do.
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Nothing else will do, is it? That's not what ye said the other morning when ye woke me up looking for a fancy black coat.


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[The flat. Where he hasn't been yet. Woops, another snag.]

You're going to have to lead this one, Theta. You can get there before I do, as you're more familiar with the city.