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[ Here's a face the network hasn't seem in awhile. Rory's been a busy man, you know. Dealing with the Doctor's unappreciation toast and his wife leaving the city--then himself leaving for new adventures involving stone angels and dinosaurs on a spaceship and cubes and dying. Again. You know, normal things for normal people.

Either way, he looks to be in good health. A little older, a little more well put-together, perhaps looking a little more tired.

Well, that was, um....Well.

[ He gives a little shrug. If you know Rory well or if you're very perceptive, you'll likely notice something's up with him. This is Rory trying his best to feign normalcy and pretend that everything is okay. ]

I went home. Well...sort of. Got to see the wife. My dad as well. Helped save the world once.

What have I missed? There haven't been any more declarations of war, have there been?

[Filtered to Team TARDIS: i.e. the entire cast]

Hullo. Have we gained anyone else while I've been gone?
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Well, hello there, Rory! You're looking, ah...well rested? [Maybe? Not really? He looks different, that's for certain, but Eight doesn't know him at all enough to know that something might be amiss.]

I don't believe we've had any new arrivals since you left, and there have been no declarations of war that I know of.
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[Video] (which it was supposed to be the whole time, but I'm a dork and forgot.)

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[Eight will always take the complimentary route. Well, unless you're trying to take over the universe. It's so much more polite than 'What the hell happened to you?']

No, no, thankfully there have been no new fezzes that I can tell. I'm amazed nobody has tried to hide them from him yet.
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That...is a level of attachment to headgear that is mind-boggling. Maybe I get somewhat senile in my old age.

[Oh, Eleven's going to kill him for that, but it's for a good cause.]

However, I do have to say that you should be glad it's only odd hats. His style isn't the worst I've come up with. I think I may have had a midlife crisis in my Sixth life.
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Well, they are cool. Just...in the right environment. I'm afraid almost none of my other incarnations -- that I've met, of course -- have quite the sartorial elegance that I do.

[So modest.]

And no, it was my Fifth that wore the celery. The Sixth, you would not be able to miss. Just watch for the eye-watering rainbow coat that would make Joseph blush.

[He makes a face like someone had just force-fed him an entire lemon.]

I think it might have been a midlife crisis.
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Sure they have!

...in the Ottoman Empire in the Nineteenth Century, but still! [He grins.] Never say never.

And it sounds terrible because it was terrible. I think the spectrox toxaemia that my Fifth self died of did something to my Sixth incarnation's fashion sense.