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01 ✧ [Video/Action] (Day 254)

[When the feed clicks on, it shows a young man in a kilt who looks like he's been crawling through the bushes. Maybe he has, because he's holding an egg in one hand while trying to send out a message with the other. Somehow - don't ask him how - he's managed to get the screen to stay in one place.]

Alright, now if I press this, then talk like so...aye. Aye, that should do it.

[Jamie glances down at his jacket, which he's fashioned into a sling of sorts. There's a few eggs in it already, and he takes the one he has in his hand and carefully places it in there before looking back up again.]

Look, I take it we're supposed to collect these wee coloured eggs, if that basket I saw's any indication. But does this sort of thing happen often? Items just turning up like this, that is. I suppose it's something to do, but it does seem a wee bit strange to me.

[Maybe it's just he hasn't been here long enough yet. He turns slightly, meaning to take a better look around the park he's found himself in - but then notices things aren't moving with him like they had before. Clearly that means he needs to give the screen a few experimental pokes, which he does. Nothing happens, however, and he frowns.]

I think maybe I'll wait to go get the one I saw up the tree until after I figure out how to switch this thing back to normal, though. Er, unless one of ye wouldn't mind telling me which button it is that'll do that? There's a lot of them on this thing.
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It's...vaguely spring-ish, so I assume this is some sort of way the gods are placating us with amusing items from Earth's Easter celebrations.

Though, Norse deities dropping symbolic items that supposedly originated in Mesopotamia was a definite surprise. Then again, if they are gods, I suppose they can use whatever symbol from whatever culture they like...

[Ah, Doctor rambles. The bane of every companion who wants information.]
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Re: [Video]

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Well, they're generally supposed to be Easter entertainment for children. They generally have treats inside, if they're not actual eggs.

Have you tried opening one?
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I see...

[He may be a technical genius, but breaking into Easter Eggs was not exactly his forte.]

OH! Wait! Maybe that's what that empty basket in Sigyn House was for. Did you see if your House has one?

[Yes, he may be slow sometimes when it comes to things like this, but he gets there in the end.]
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Re: [Video]

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Well, I don't know! I didn't think they were for anything!

[Quick, Eight, scramble!]

I had, ah, more lofty things on my mind. Things that leave little room for what a basket in the middle of the room.

[Okay, so he got distracted by other things not necessarily lofty and just didn't think about the basket for more than a moment. Attention span of a squirrel, sometimes.]
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[Eight eyes the smile with that look of someone who's quite used to his companions laughing at his eccentricities, thank you very much.]

Oh, I might. Sounds like fun, actually.
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You're on, piper. You're just lucky my sonic screwdriver doesn't work.
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[Video and...action? Was that what we were going to do?]

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It could do! [Don't diss the sonic, Jamie!] It just...doesn't seem to be working here in Asgard.

[Which is an utter affront to his sensibilities, but we'll let that go.]

I do, however, have a coat with pockets, and a bag.

So let's!

[He grins widely and quickly switches off the video feed, racing towards the Baldr district, to the park he saw on the map recently. Surely lots of eggs will be found there.]
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[Eight jogs into the park, looking rather pleased with himself...until he looks up and spies Jamie looking altogether too smug. Then his face falls into an expression of dumbfounded surprise.]

What? How?

[Don't you hate it when your companions get the upper hand? It was awfully disconcerting.]
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[It is rare, and quite perturbing, when one of his companions outwits him. Especially when they do so because he rushed off before thinking.]

I...probably should have thought of that, yes.

[Eight scratches the back of his head with a look of chagrin, then drops it for a grin.]

Well then, now that we're both here, shall we begin? You've already a few ahead of me, after all.
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I should have, but I hadn't actually thought of it.

[He looks around, pondering their surroundings.]

Oh, I don't know, I'd think this park would be large enough, don't you think? Besides, I don't want you out of my sight. You're a wily fellow.

[Eight adjusts the long strap of the bag on his shoulder.]

Well then. Shall we?
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[Eight follows close behind, determined to most definitely keep an eye on him.

Except...animals! Small, fluffy animals for petting.

And he's gone, surrounded by a handful of very insistent goats as he hands out bits of bread it's easily assumed came out of those bizarre pockets of his.]
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What? They were looking hungry!

[Okay, yes, he was grasping for an excuse, but he obeys the Scot and trots back over to where Jamie is waiting.]

Right. Eggs. You were saying?
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[Eight eyes him suspiciously for a moment, wondering if this perhaps is a trick.

Then, he decides it's perfectly harmless and reaches up to pluck the egg off the bush.]

Well, thank you. At least I can say I got one.

Hmmm...I'm sure there's probably more in the bushes somewhere. Or that hedge over there.

[He points in various directions as he guesses at the location of some more eggs.]


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