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ɴᴘᴄ ᴘᴏsᴛ | sɪɢʏɴ | ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏ

[ the feed comes to life showing a woman who hadn't shown her face much until now. There is a small smile on her lips, honest and solemn. ]

Now that it is over, you will hear our words, for you deserve them.

The curse you experienced was not our doing as I know many of you have guessed. None of us wanted this and none of us schemed to bring it into fruition.

It was not the doing of the giants either; for no giant, not even Thiazi is able to wield such power. It is thankfully entirely beyond their abilities.

[ she releases a breath and then continues. ]

We think it was Freya. She is the only one strong enough to formulate such a plan. We heard her screams, we know her heart is full of anger. We believe that in her anger, she had struck the city with this curse without much prior thought and so the results were as grave as they were.

[ a moment of silence. ]

I must ask you, find the strength in your heart and do not think of her too harshly. Whatever Freya did, she did out of grief, out of despair and out of a terrible loss. She is mad with grief and in her madness, she had done a deed that is cruel and reckless.

But I will ask you to show her compassion all the same.

[ ooc; curse closure! Q&A round with Sigyn and the others. If you want Sigyn, or any God in particular, simply address them in your comment. ]
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[Eyes are rimmed with dark circles, and he looks quite a bit haggard after the curse, but...]

How can we help her? You know, not only to help but to keep her from doing something like this again?
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We finish our current task and revive her brother. Failing that, we kill her.

[ matter of fact and nothing more. ]
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Re: [Video]

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Killing isn't exactly my thing, but I will do whatever I can for the first part of that.

I was thinking more of an interim solution, however. We can't exactly finish the task if her abilities go out of control again and put us out of commission.

[softly] I do not blame her, I promise. Grief is a powerful thing, but we can't let this happen again.
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[ Any dry retort he might've had is at least somewhat tempered by the last. He's not unreasonable and overly emotional like the rest. ]

We can't find her, is the problem. We would've ... contained her some time ago if we were able, but she's hidden herself from us. There's nothing we can do just short of hunting her down and neutralising her on the spot.
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[Eight smiles a little at that. Aha! A mystery to be solved. Just how he likes it.]

Well, I'm new, so I don't exactly know anything of her habits, but... do you suppose she would have the idea to hide away from you somewhere where you lot wouldn't expect gods to go?

I apologize if this is something you've already thought of, but as I say, I'm new and spent my first few days here in hell, so to speak, so I have no idea what you've tried.
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We've known her for several thousands of years. Don't think we haven't tried everything we possibly could, and then some.

[ He scratches the side of his nose, eyes closed. Tired, maybe. ]

We're looking. We haven't given up, and we're doubling our efforts as much as we can after this little ... outburst. But our best chance is still finding Freyr.
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Maybe that's the problem. Maybe you need fresh eyes to search, because you're going over familiar ground?

[sigh] Anyway, I understand. Just trying to give other options in the mean time while we deal with the Freyr situation.

I think I'll talk to the other Doctor, see what ideas he might have. Two Doctors are always better than one.
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[ There's a snicker of amusement there. He typically likes you lot. ]

You guys want to go out there and look for her on foot yourselves? Be my guest. Just don't come crying to us when you don't make it back alive. Keep in mind that we're at war, Doctor.
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Re: [Video]

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[Oh, we're going to do this, are we? Sigh. Gods...]

I'm rather well-versed in what a war entails, thank you.

And I never said by ourselves. Still, lets not get ahead of ourselves. I still have to discuss it with Eleven...and probably others.

It's worth a try, at least.
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Do what you will. We won't stop you. But we can't guarantee our protection outside these walls.

[ Not that they won't be watching. They're always watching. ]
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"Won't stop you" is good enough a blessing for me, at least there'll be less bother that way.

[ He's not happy with you gods, but he actually gives Odin a salute that's not entirely false. ]

There won't be any crying, I assure you.
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[ He really doesn't give fuck all what they do, so long as they don't whinge about it or get in their way - so he can appreciate that. ]

Good. See that there isn't.
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I know when I put myself at risk. It's what I do all the time, in fact. Wouldn't blame anyone else but me.
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[ Less wordy than the other. Cheers. ]

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[ He has his moments.

With one last wide smile, he ends the call. ]
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Oh, Odin, Odin, Odin... How little you know us. Risking death and dying is something of a habit of ours, and if we whinge, it is usually ourselves we're blaming.

...or the Daleks, but they're not here, so...

[grin] Not to worry, Odin. You won't need to worry about us complaining to you about getting ourselves killed. To each other, maybe, but not to you.
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[ Odin is 10000% unamused by your shit, Doctor. ]

As long as it doesn't reach my ears.